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The Golden Age of Films: Just Beginning or Long Over?

  Picture this. You’re sitting in the audience of a silent black-and-white film and the only sound in the whole theatre besides the music is the crunching of popcorn.  Everyone feels riveted by the actors’ facial expressions and gestures.  They laugh at the physical jokes and get move to tears by somber expressions.  You would... Read more »

The Dark Thrill: Movie Theatre Shooting at "The Dark Knight"

I’m not against violent movies. In light of the so called “Batman Massacre” in Aurora, Colorado last night I’m sure this is an unpopular stance at the moment. The thing is, movies- even violent ones- are works of fiction. Make-Believe. We go to them because we want to experience the dark thrill of danger, power,... Read more »

Leveling the Playing Field Between Studios and Independent Filmmakers

“This is the center of the universe.” It was late afternoon on the campus of the Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank: in particular we were standing in a wide pedestrian road filled with metal picnic tables with folding umbrellas. “The commissary.” The guide explained. “This is where everybody comes: meets, talks, makes deals.” If this was the... Read more »

What Americans Want: "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" vs "The Ides of March"

Greetings Readers, This is Greg Kiernan again. I hope that you all had a happy Fourth of July, and you were able to see some fireworks and eat some barbecue (not necessarily in that order).  Even as we celebrate our most patriotic holiday it is difficult to remember a time when we didn’t look at... Read more »