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Oscar Night Predictions

By Greg Kiernan Awards shows are fun but the Oscars are business. Some consider the Oscars a self-congratulatory pat on the back by Hollywood.  Others consider it glamorous and the most fabulous of all the award shows.  As for me, I consider it the epitome of Hollywood politics (which is a good thing); everyone considers... Read more »

On With The Show: An Interview With Amy Karen

By Greg Kiernan So the big night has come and what a journey it it has been.  I leave for Elgin from Chicago taking just enough time after I arrive home work to change into my suit.  Upon arriving I am immediately struck by the beauty of the venue. The Marcus theatre of Elgin shimmers... Read more »

Before The Curtain Rises: An Interview With Pete Garlock

By Greg Kiernan What do you mean this movie had no script? As a writer myself it’s a small wonder why I was so dumbfounded. A movie without a script tells me that no one was there to hammer out the story and make sure it works on paper. No one was there to make... Read more »