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It's A Movie Premiere And You're Invited!

Elgin, IL- Blue Damen Pictures is proud to announce the World Premiere of the “Dark Before Dawn” on February 9th at 7:30pm. The film will be showing at Marcus Theatre, located at 111 South Randall Road in Elgin. The “Dark Before Dawn” is a mumblecore type of film. “This film came about very quickly: our... Read more »

Lights, Curtains, Action: Previewing A Film

By Greg Kiernan So there I was walking stiffed-legged through the frigid cold, down Elizabeth Street to a dark building I had never seen before that night.  My breath forms a stinky mist through the scarf wrapped around my face.  My eyes tear from the harsh wind and my normal rosy complexion turns a strawberry... Read more »

3 Reasons Chicago Makes Better Films Than Hollywood

Hollywood has made some pretty darn good films in its time, and it makes a lot of them. (Movies, that is, not necessarily good ones.) But Chicago has turned out some pretty good films too: Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller, Dark Knight… And considering the proportion of Good films made in Chicago to the total number of... Read more »

People Who Make Films Because They Love It

We have lift off! My first blog, that is.  This is Greg Kiernan by the way and this is my first time writing on this platform.  Why, you ask, did a person who has never blogged about anything before decide to try it out now?  Because I have some very exciting news — I am... Read more »