REEL Chicago Filmmakers

In an exciting twist of events one of our older projects, a short film entitled “Mattress World”, is going to be enjoying a bit of a festival revival this weekend. “Mattress World” was selected to screen at the Chicago REEL Shorts Film Festival this weekend and will be showing on Sunday afternoon at 2:45pm as part of the Chicago Filmmakers block.

It seems to me that “Chicago Filmmaker” is almost beginning to become a genre designation of its own. Chicago is home to one of the largest film schools in the country after all, and if productions like “Transformers 3” and “Superman” (excuse me, “Autumn Frost” or whatever they’re calling it on the streets these days) are any indication it is starting to become a home-away-from-home for The Industry as well. We’re not Hollywood, no doubt about that, but I personally don’t believe that is a handicap.

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