Herding Cats- Have You Ever Tried It?

Oh, hi there- has it been a while since we were last in touch?

Yes, yes it has.

We had this grand goal of having an update every week until our film “Dark Before Dawn” was finished but we’ve had a few weeks of chasing our tails that we didn’t think would make for interesting updates. Now here we are wearing our own personal cone of shame and trying to get back on track.

Lately we’ve been trying to figure out when we can do another pickup shoot to get some additional scenes to help tell this story. We’ll try for one weekend and will find out that one actor is available and then the other one isn’t. Then we’ll try another weekend and find out the other actor is available and the first one isn’t. Then we’ll find a weekend when both the actors are available but the director is out of town. It’s like herding cats!

But we digress- we are making progress, it’s just slow going. Our original goal of having our pre-premiere in September looks like it is going to get pushed back, but that’s not official yet, it’s just a little insider rumor. On the other hand, who knows- everything might fall into place and we’ll find ourselves with a finished film in no time! Just keep thinking those good thoughts for us and we will look forward to sharing our work with you soon!

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