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Speaking From The Heart

You would think that it would be easy to write about something that one feels passionately about; and it is up to a certain point. But as anyone who has ever tried to compose an application essay  to a program that they really, really  want to get into knows: it is easier to feel strongly about... Read more »

What's In a Name Anyway?

Between you and me and the fencepost our current little film project will always be called “Night Train” deep down in our hearts. Good hipsters everywhere will someday have the pleasure, nay, the privilege of referring to our underground title of “Night Train”. Super scenesters might even go so far as to call it “MCNT” which... Read more »

The Blue Streak Back on Wordpress

The Blue Streak Back on Wordpress
We like returning to our roots sometimes, so this move from Moveable Type to WordPress actually feels a bit like a homecoming. We’ll have more to say in the near future but we wanted to make sure we could get ourselves up and running first.