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It's Amazing What You Can Do In Three Months: 1st Quarter In Review

Well, here it is; springtime at last! Nothing like a cold, dark, Chicago winter to really make holding on until spring seem like an accomplishment! It may have been dark and cold outside but we’ve been busy here at Blue Damen Pictures. If we were in pre-school we would be insisting now that we are... Read more »

Why, Yes, We Did Just Get A Facelift

I’m going to date myself, here, but I remember when putting a website address at the end of a television commercial was a novelty. At the time the gesture was, to me, obscure at best. We didn’t jump on the whole “internet” bandwagon until we were nearly buried under AOL promotional CDs (remember those?). It... Read more »

Up Coming Screenings of "Mattress World"

You’ve heard the expression “Let’s get this show on the road?” Well, that is just what we plan to do for the next few months! Within the next month we will be taking “Mattress World” from coast to coast. Like a tour. We should make t-shirts… MARCH 19th, 2011 This will be our third year... Read more »