Film Production Company Seeks Visionary for Board Position

People like to talk about opportunity knocking, but sometimes opportunity likes to break down the door instead. We recently had our annual meeting for Blue Damen Pictures and we decided it was time to expand. You see, we may be a Chicago based film production company, but we are trying to cultivate relationships with industry professionals on the west coast and we plan to expand our operations to include an LA team as well as a Chicago team. Heck we already have one board member who Skypes in to each meeting like something out of a sci-fi movie. To this end we are expanding our board of directors to bring fresh energy and enthusiasm to our Chicago team to balance out the individuals migrating west. 

So there is only one question: 

Would you like to be in charge of a film production company? 

If you think you have what it takes to help us take our work to the next level then we want to meet with you! The position is completely a volunteer position (we are a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non profit company and all board members are volunteers who receive no compensation). Let me repeat that there is NO MONEY incentive to this position, but think of it like this: you get power instead. As a board member you will be directly involved in the decision-making process of what projects we choose to produce, who we choose to produce them, and where this company is headed. You will have the opportunity to be involved in the complete production process from script selection to being on set during the shoots to walking the red carpet at festivals. If you have experience in a specific area of production such as screenwriting, directing, or editing you will also be in a prime position to know when opportunities are going to arise that you can strut your stuff. 

Here are the three qualities that we are most interested in a candidate for this position (You must demonstrate at least two of these qualities to be considered): 

Production Experience 
Did you go to school for filmmaking and have mad skillz that you want to share if only this dratted recession would let up? Have you produced, directed, written, edited, your own projects in the past and are ready to make the next step up to a Production Team from a Production Me? Can you talk the change out of a Scotsman’s pocket? Can you bring a script to life with dialogue? Can you paint worlds of imagination with light and color? If you’ve studied in film or worked in film and know that film is your destiny and you’ve got the work to prove it then this applies to you. 

Not just “Yay-Rah-Team” enthusiasm, but the kind of enthusiasm that gets you out of bed at o-dark thirty in the morning to go to a freezing cold set to unload equipment and keeps you out til oh-my-god-it’s-getting-light-out at night to leave a location clean. The kind of enthusiasm that makes you mark every meet-and-greet and networking opportunity for your current project on your calendar and then makes you bring friends. The kind of enthusiasm that you can’t help putting in your blog, your facebook updates, your twitter feed, and every conversation. You don’t just want to support the cause, you want to go out among the unbelievers like a missionary of filmmaking and convert them to the cause. The cause being Blue Damen Pictures, that is. If you would tell all your friends that you are on the board of the Blue Damen Pictures production company- and then tell them again- and then bring them to a screening- then this applies to you. 

Do you get stopped by the Greenpeace spokespeople on the sidewalk and actually make a donation? Do you believe “the arts” are more than just pictures in a museum? Do you know someone who knows someone? Are you that someone that people know? Do you just want to have an imdb page that you can brag to the Joneses about the next time you see them at the country club? If you want to hang out with the movie stars and you have people, business/marketing/fundraising skills, equipment, funds, or space that you wouldn’t mind sharing along the way then this applies to you. Every artist needs a patron! You could be ours. 

If these qualities sound like they describe you then send us an email telling us about yourself and include what qualities you have and why you think Blue Damen Pictures would benefit- nay, THRIVE with your hand on the wheel. Neatness and creativity count. We will acknowledge ALL responses and will get in touch with you to set up a meeting if you are what we are looking for. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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