Upcoming Screening: Illinois International Film Festival!

Il Intl FF Mattress World Ad.jpg

Well, it may seem as though Blue Damen Pictures has disappeared off the map but rest assured that we are still alive and well! In fact, we will be screening our newest film “Mattress World” on November 7th at the Illinois International FIlm Festival. 

Illinois International Film Festival is an old favorite of ours: we screened both “Persephone” and “The Visionary” in the past and even managed to take home an award for “Best Experimental Short” each time. We’d like to keep up the trend! In the past the festival was held in the Arcada Theatre in St Charles, a beautiful old movie palace from the days when cinema was an Experience-with-a-capital-E. This year, however, the festival will be taking place on the north side of Chicago at the Viaduct Theatre near the corner of Western Ave. and Belmont. While the venue may have changed we still expect to see the same quality program of independent films as always!
So, write it down on your calendars: November 7th, 10am: Come see “Mattress World” at the Viaduct Theatre in Chicago. It only costs $10 to get in and that will get you into all the films all weekend… now that’s value! We look forward to seeing you there!

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