"Persephone" Special Screening

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Yes, the rumors are true: our first film “Persephone” is coming out of mothballs for a special screening in November as part of the Red Rock Film Festival in Zion Canyon, UT! The news of this screening came as a surprise to us since we officially stopped shopping “Persephone” around to festivals back in 2008. In fact we only decided to submit it to the Red Rock festival after meeting one of the program coordinators at the Xanadu convention in Las Vegas while promoting the film. We submitted shortly thereafter and then waited, and waited, and waited… We finally decided they must’ve passed us over and just not let us know. And then, out of the blue we suddenly received an acceptance email!

So if you’re in Utah in November, be sure to look us up: it’s really a rather rare opportunity since we don’t have many opportunities to screen “Persephone” anymore. Here are the details: We hope you’ll check it out!
Red Rock Film Festival 2010
November 11-14th, 2010
Springdale, Zion Canyon, UT
Admission $20

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