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"Life in a Day" Selects Gwydhar's Footage

So there’s this little project going around on YouTube that a few of you alert readers might remember from July. It’s called Life in a Day and it is a filmmaking project by directors Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott that will eventually turn out to be a documentary film about what life is like all... Read more »

"Persephone" Special Screening

Yes, the rumors are true: our first film “Persephone” is coming out of mothballs for a special screening in November as part of the Red Rock Film Festival in Zion Canyon, UT! The news of this screening came as a surprise to us since we officially stopped shopping “Persephone” around to festivals back in 2008.... Read more »

Upcoming Screening: Illinois International Film Festival!

Well, it may seem as though Blue Damen Pictures has disappeared off the map but rest assured that we are still alive and well! In fact, we will be screening our newest film “Mattress World” on November 7th at the Illinois International FIlm Festival.  Illinois International Film Festival is an old favorite of ours: we... Read more »