"Life in a Day" Selects Gwydhar's Footage

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So there’s this little project going around on YouTube that a few of you alert readers might remember from July. It’s called Life in a Day and it is a filmmaking project by directors Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott that will eventually turn out to be a documentary film about what life is like all over the world for one single day: July 24th, 2010. The premise was simple: YouTube users were asked to film themselves (something we YouTube users do best, if we’re honest with ourselves) on July 24th and then to submit their footage online to the filmmakers who would use what they received to create a feature length film that would eventually be screened at Sundance. 

There was no word at all for two months. I had just about given up that anything would come of the footage that I sent: It mostly followed me around doing day-to-day around the house stuff since it happened to fall on a rare day off. I wasn’t sure how dynamic or dramatic that would be for a big film. Then without warning or fanfare I received an email saying that one of my clips had been selected and would be part of the final 100 hours of footage from which the final film would be cut. 
There is a good chance that my clip won’t make it into the final film at all, even though it was chosen as part of the final source material, but it is edifying to at least be selected. With luck I might find a few short minutes of my life has been included in something larger. 
The phrase that went through my head at the time was the caption from an internet meme I’d encountered not long before that consists of a photo of a pickup truck buried in potatoes: “And suddenly… Potatoes!” It has kind of become my catch phrase for any unexpected windfall. 
And suddenly…Potatoes!

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