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Photos from the Kent Film Festival

It seems like every time we turn around we are jetting off to another film festival these days! Most recently we were in Kent, Connecticut for the Kent Independent Film Festival which, we are assured by the town’s first Selectman (that’s kind of like a mayor) has been nominated as the top festival in the... Read more »

True Blue: When Color Matters and When It Doesn't

As a Chicagoan there is a special place in my heart for Blues music, so it comes as no surprise that a short film entitled “Blues” should catch my eye at the LA Women’s Film Festival last month. The story is straightforward: two boys, a religious Jew and African-American, bond over their shared love of... Read more »

The Woman Who Knows: Jennifer Vimbor, Nutritionist

If you’re like me then you were probably taught about healthy eating in high school health class and if you’re like me you probably slept through most of it. I remember something about a pyramid, I think, and maybe some anecdotal information about what a calorie is, but it’s ok because like every healthy, normal... Read more »

The Last Epic Hero

As the director Sarah R Lotfi says: “It’s not just about being heroic but about being a hero in the mythological sense”. She is, of course, describing her film entitled “The Last Bogatyr” which I recently had the pleasure of seeing at the LA Women’s Film Festival. For those of you who don’t happen to... Read more »