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Sara Connell: The Unsweetened Sweetheart

It was February when I had the opportunity to meet Sara Connell. I got her name from Jennifer Vimbor, the nutritionist that I’d consulted at the beginning of this project. Like me, Sara had given up foods with added sugar. Unlike me, who had been committed to this regimen for barely over a month, Sara... Read more »

A Sneak Peek at "Mattress World"

In all the excitement from the recent and upcoming screenings of “The Visionary” it’s been tricky to not overlook another little film project that we’ve been working on; our upcoming short film “Mattress World“ Like “The Visionary”, “Mattress World” is a part of the “Insomniac Chronicles”; a feature length film made up of a series... Read more »

"The Visionary" Screens At Midwest Film Festival

Gwydhar answers questions about “The Visionary” at the Midwest Film Festival’s Female Filmmaker night. March 2nd, 2010 was the first Tuesday of the month, and at the Landmark Century Theatre in Chicago that means the Midwest Film Festival. We attended because our film “The Visionary” was screening as part of the inaugural Female Filmmakers shorts... Read more »