Beer Cuisine: Bixby Nut Brittles with Allagash Beers

Beer Cuisine: Bixby Nut Brittles with Allagash Beers
Bixby Brittle with Allagash Beer

Got another item that’s beer-related, which was sent to me for my comment.

You know doubt know of many recipes using beer, in bread, chili, and just about anything else where it can lend some malty sweetness.

Bixby Chocolate of Rockland, Maine, has partnered with Allagash Brewing Co. To offer a line of three nut brittles, each made with a different Allagash beer. Why, yes, let’s try some.

I may not be the one to ask about peanut brittle, since I can see it’s mostly sugar interrupted by a few nuts. Also, beer was last in the packages ingredients list, so any alcohol would have been cooked out, leaving us to guess where beer flavor would come in.

I sampling the candy under optimal conditions: typing with my bluetooth keyboard on my phone while watching Svengoolie.

Bixby Allagash White Beer Brittle

These are somewhat oddly shaped bits of brittle, but at least, unlike many kinds, there are not many sharp edges. Lots of peanuts crowded around. Looks like the pieces have been dusted with some fine salt as well. It yields pretty nicely when I bite into it. I’m actually picking up on the cream butter used to make this. Not as much of anything I’d label “beer.” I did expect to get a kind of malty note that helps cut back on sugar sweetness.

A bit of light salty aftertaste, and some more cream to it.

Bixby Allagash North Sky Cacao Nib Beer Brttle

A “mixed nut” brittle, with peanuts, pecans and almonds. North Sky is Allagash’ Belgian-style stout. The brittle is a shade darker than the White, so there’s that. More light peanut brittle nose. The additional nuts alone give this a little more zest. I had to get a tiny bite with a cacao bit alone to isolate that taste, and surrounded by sugar, its has a bit of a Hershey’s Kiss note. The stout just gives it a bit of a molasses edge. Again, a dusting of sea salt gives the candy a nice finish.

Bixby Allagash Sixteen Counties Spicy Chili Beer Brittle

The “Sixteen Counties” is a golden ale made with all Maine-grown grain. This is made with chipotle chiles. Again, a butter toffee nose above anything else. A bit of chili heat from the first bite. Not too strong, but a nice lingering afterburn. A bit more noticeable malt along with corn syrup sweetness to help even out the burn.

I admit, I don’t go much for brittle, and certainly don’t get much into the gourmet kind; mainly for the sake of my teeth. But these were very enjoyable.

You can order Bixby’s beer brittle at this link.

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