Beverage Preview: Clubtails Cocktails

Beverage Preview: Clubtails Cocktails
Selection of Clubtails canned cocktails.

Here’s another set of beverages that has been sent to me for my comment. I’ll keep drinkin’ ’em as soon as I can.

Yes, there are plenty of canned cocktails out there. They seem to have made quite a comeback, due to the craze for hard seltzer and malternative drinks. Some will be made with brand name liquor, others with fermented malt beverage.

Clubtails is a line of mixed drinks, made with malt beverage, but mostly derived from neutral base spirits. Based in Quebec and made by City Brewing in LaCrosse, WI (the former G. Heileman). While most canned cocktails come in small cans at the strength of the base mixed drink, Clubtails come in 24 oz. cans, but at 10% alcohol by volume. Much less than the cocktails they emulate. The taste comes from natural flavors and cane sugar.

The Clubtails folks sent me a package with four of their cans: Sunny Margarita, Sex on the Beach, Bahama Mama, and Screw Driver. Of these, I’ve had plenty of Margaritas and several Screwdrivers in my life, so on a hot day I started with the Margarita.

Clubtails Sunny Margarita

To start with, it is carbonated, that much we find as we open the can. And I’m all for a fizzy version of a favorite cocktail. It pours a bubbly Squirt soda color, hazy whitish yellow. The taste is like a pre-made margarita from a large bottle, but that’s not bad at all. I mean, some of the mouthfeel may come from a little food oil, like Mountain Dew. But there’s definite lime, and a hint of agave and tequila.

As the photo shows, once I finished the video, I rimmed my comical margarita glass with the proper salt, and it works together just great. If this came in one of those 1.5 litre bottles like the José Cuervo pre-mix, I’d get it. But it wouldn’t be able to keep up the fizz.

Clubtails Screwdriver

The malt beverage stands in for vodka in the traditional screwdriver. The nose is sometimes fresh orange juice, sometimes Tang.

Again, I find the fizzyness adds to the taste. Kind of like an alcoholic Fanta, but no bite from the base alcohol. Again, a nice drink to set down with.

Clubtails Sex on the Beach

The original is a blend of vodka, peach schnapps, orange, and cranberry juice.

This opens with a tart cranberry nose. More fizz that dwindles quickly, over a rose pink body. Plenty sweeter than the other drinks, with just the cranberry tartness to run against it.

Clubtails Bahama Mama

The drink on this package whose original is made with rum instead of vodka. Plus coconut, and tropical fruit juices. And instead of orange and pineapple juice, they go for strawberry, cherry and “citrus flavors.”

A pinkish, fizzy pour. There is still plenty of coconut on the nose. Plus fruity syrup. The taste is like the tropical fruit Life Savers. Yes, some coconut in the palate. It’s a decently frou-frou drink that just needs a pineapple slice and an umbrella.

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