Looking at Malt Beverages: Canteen Spirits Vodka Sodas

Looking at Malt Beverages: Canteen Spirits Vodka Sodas
Canteen Spirits Black Cherry Vodka Soda

I certainly won’t say no to a drink when offered. So I took up the offer from Canteen Spirits to try their line of vodka sodas.

Unlike yer White Claw, and other malt beverages, this gets its kick from actual vodka, mixed to 5% abv with sparkling water, then natural fruit flavors. CEO Brandon Cason, got started in marketing for Deep Eddy Vodka, which ran a line of natural fruit-flavored vodkas. He and his partner began making fruit-flavored mixers, according to an interview in Forbes, and the concept took off with the “hard soda” craze. Their product is labeled as having no sugars, carbs or sodium, 99 calories, and gluten free.

Canteen Spirits Black Cherry

One of the flagships of the line. I’m guessing because that was one of the flavor for which they sent two cans. The first impression I got under the tab was of a Grape Nehi. Okay, a general fruit-flavored soda. It’s a clear, fizzy water pour. Once I got it into the glass, it was more of a black cherry soda smell.

The mouthfeel is a little extra fizzy, like a club soda. It definitely has not much sweetness to it.

Canteen Spirits Watermelon

I have been smushing up watermelon chunks and pouring vodka over them to refreshing effect. So how does it taste pre-made?

Pours clear and fizzy. Watermelon smell is pretty light. Taste is also light watermelon, likely kept modest by the lack of added sugar. I found a splash of Angostura bitters gave it a little more character.

Canteen Spirits Cucumber Mint

Cucumber is not one of my favorite things, but heck. let’s take a chance. From the light green can on the left hand side of the box pictured above.

And yes, the cucumber smell is pretty strong here. Pours clear with soda fizz. And yes, the taste is big on cucumber. But it does seem to be real cucumber taste, from what little I know. The mint part of this comes in to the roof of my mouth. It’s just not for me, but I know there are countries with cucumber flavored Pepsi, so there is a place for it.

Canteen Spirits Ruby Red

Yes, posting a picture even if there’s not much color to see. Fizz goes away faster than a club soda. The smell is like a Squirt grapefruit soda. And there’s a decent Squirt-like taste, but that where I would miss the added sugar. But it grows on me as a nice, still fruity hard soda.

More flavors will be discussed here as I get through them. Stay tuned!

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