Non-Alcohol Beer Preview: Bravus

Non-Alcohol Beer Preview: Bravus
Bravus NA Beer Assortment

Diving into several more samples of beer sent to me by the brewer. And this is another series of non-alcoholic beers.

Bravus Brewing claims it’s North America’s first brewery dedicated solely to the production of non-alcoholic craft beer. They’re based out of Anaheim, CA. They have rolled out several varieties of NA beer, more than I, at least, have seen from any brewer. And they describe their product as 100% vegan, low-calorie and gluten-reduced. As a beer with less than 0.5% alcohol, they can be ordered and shipped almost anywhere.

I stated with their Blonde Ale, as I figured that would be their base style. It’s be lowest in hops, and I could through their Pale Ale and various other styles. I noticed that all of their beers are based on ale styles. If there’s a common yeast involved, I may not find out.

Bravus Blonde Ale

it looks totally like a beer, of course. Pours a straw color with a fizzy head that disappears as I stop pouring. Kind of a sweet odor to it. Sometimes I get a metallic tang with a reduced-alcohol beer, sometimes a smell of lipstick. In this case, I got a little of both. But there’s also a little bit of graininess to the nose.

As a beverage, it’s a little citrusy. The website claims a bit of banana on the nose, but I don’t catch that. Again, some malt in the taste. The calorie count is not listed here, so I can just note it’s pretty malty. Rather good standalone as a beverage.

Bravus Amber Ale

Diving into another “base” style before I go into the hoppy or exotic brews.

Again, a nice beer-like pour; amber and slightly hazy, over a slightly foamy head. Grainier smell, and I catch a side note of stout roast grain as well. Less sugar to this in the tongue. But there’s a big umami notes to this as well. A bit of yeast, perhaps like unsalted Marmite.

These needed to “dry out” somehow, to take the malt sugar down before the alcohol is removed.

More of the Bravus brews will be added as I pop the can. Please check this space later!

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