Beer By the Grill: Shiner Brut IPA

Beer By the Grill: Shiner Brut IPA
Shiner Brut IPA. Photo ©Mark McDermott

It’s gotten hot again. Not too hot that we didn’t get a walk in to the library, or tried to fix the loose garage door rails with a glob of “steel” epoxy in a hole in the concrete where the screw worked loose.

But it is hot enough that Mrs. Nautical would rather I not turn on the over, even for a thin frozen pizza. Well, all right then. That gives me a chance to try and grill a pizza once again, out on the patio with another beer that’s been sent to me by the brewers’ rep for tasting and talking about.

This is the latest in the Brewer’s Pride series from Spoetzel Brewing of Shiner Texas: Shiner Brut IPA. According to their information:

Shiner is proud to unveil the latest addition to the Brewer’s Pride series, Brut IPA. Taking cues from champagne, Brut IPA is a lively, sparkling ale brewed using a new experimental hop that is a cross of Fuggle and Cascade. This hop imparts hints of green tea, subtle pear and floral for a bright and aromatic IPA with a crisp, dry finish. The brew is effervescent and dry – and exceptionally enjoyable.

Brewer’s Pride Brut IPA is 6.8% ABV and touts a 45 IBU. It is available nationally for a limited time.

Now I am supposed they wanted to carry on the “champagne” theme with their label, whose blue and white scheme does make it look like a customized split bottle of champagne from a wedding reception. But let’s invite ourselves inside…

The beer pours out a nice amber color, with a foamy head that was easier to keep from topping over the glass, and that settled easily. A nice stream of bubbles keeps up the resemblance to champagne, but not very overtly.

The nose has just very light notes of tree fruit, with just a bit of English hop at the side.

The taste has a not of yeast in it; odd, since it looks like a pretty thoroughly filtered beer. Perhaps that’s some of the exotic fruit the hops are supposed to bring in. It’s definitely dry, without the powerful bitterness, resin, or smoothie fruits of other recent IPA styles. In fact, it starts to give me the impression of a light mimosa. And now a suggestion of pineapple. The slightly elevated alcohol content shows in the dry malt finish, that leaves the rest of the day available for other activities. Luckily, I have no other activities planned except for pizza eating.

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