Craft Beer Review: Noon Whistle Mr. IPA-Nut

Craft Beer Review: Noon Whistle Mr. IPA-Nut
Noon Whistle Mr. IPA-Nut. Photo © Mark McDermott

Perhaps I added, in my own small way, to the hoopla over Mr. IPA-Nut, the collaboration between Lombard’s Noon Whistle Brewing and Planters (Kraft Heinz) Peanuts. The beer went on sale just last Friday, and sold out within a few days. At least the few Binny’s I tried had already run out on Monday. So today, Tuesday, I dropped in at Noon Whistle, where they were also out of cans, but it was still on tap, and it’s expected to stay available through this week.

Putting peanuts in an IPA was an interesting choice, and apparently it was what the Planters folks were interested in according to Josh Noel’s Tribune article. Instead going for something like a peanut brittle, or a peanut butter stout, they worked a massive quantity of honey roasted peanuts in the mash, and then powdered peanuts in the brew kettle.

Sidenote: I have managed to try one peanut butter beer, as a matter of fact: Horny Goat’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter. It was kind of okay.

So I got to the tap room and got a pour of Mr. IPA-Nut. Here goes.

The draft pour is a little bit cloudy and orange-ish. The head is a bit bubbly, a nice surprise considering that I’d think peanut oil might hurt head retention. The smell has a basic hoppy APA note to it. I admit that I was prepared not get a useful nose tonight, since I’m fighting a cold.

Do I taste “peanut”? Well, I figure that would be kind of neutral in a hoppy beer. I start to catch a little bit of peanut powder in the background, but the main impression is of a nice hoppy IPA, with western Citra and Wakatu hops.

I started to pick up just a side note of peanut, enough to trigger a slight reaction at the back of my tongue. I may or may not have a very VERY slight reaction to peanuts, but it’s never stopped me before (BUT I do NOT suggest anyone with a real peanut allergy could try this).

Noon Whistle/Planters IPA-Nut. Chicago Tribune photo by Joseph Hernandez

Noon Whistle/Planters IPA-Nut. Chicago Tribune photo by Joseph Hernandez

A salty edge starts to work its way in. It’s interesting, since I’ve tried some pilsener style beers in smaller brewpubs where they overdo trying to create the soft water profile of Bohemia, and the result tasted like wet peanut shells. But that is not happening here. There’s just a bitter tang at the very back of my tongue that’s both hops and peanut. The ingredients really do play together well. 6.3% abv.

While the Mr. IPA-Nut seems to be sold out most places, there are some scheduled tappings:

  • DOC’s Smokehouse in Mokena, Nov. 2 at 6 pm
  • Plank Road Taproom in Elgin, November 9 at 5 pm

Planter’s is also sending Mr. Peanut and a “Peanut-Mobile” for some promotional visits. So far I have Bitter Pops on Nov. 10, Binny’s in Downers Grove and Willowbrook on Nov. 11, and Binny’s in Lincolnwood and their new Evanston store on the 16th. I’ll keep posting updates in my Google Calendar and on my events listings.

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