Local Beer Review: Aleman LadiesMan

Local Beer Review: Aleman LadiesMan
A wheat beer with lemonthyme from Chicago’s Aleman Brewing

Summertime is here! No, it’s gone again. Now it’s hot. Now it’s not. Let’s just grab a possible summer beer and grab on to the weather merry-go-round.

Aleman Brewing Co. has been around since 2013 as what’s called a “client brewer:” making beers at other brewers’ facilities for retail sale. They’ve mostly been seen at beer festivals and on tap, but now they’ve appeared in cans at stores. Here’s one I bought for review:

Most of their beers are named with “—Man” in their brand: LittleMan, SoulMan, WiseMan, etc. LadiesMan is one of their flagship brews, a 5.5% abv American wheat ale with lemonthyme. What about it? Here’s about it.

The thyme, I think, is pretty apparent in the initial nose. American wheat beer will sometimes show a little spice in the nose, but this one offers the additional sidebar of Italian seasonings. It pours a bit cloudy, with a very puffy, white head. But the head settles down pretty quickly.

The taste is kind of based on the wheat ale, but it has a bit more of German Weiss than and American 312-style ale. Put that down to the lemonthyme,  which reminds me of the spiciness of a German Weiss, or even a Belgian witbier. I find it very tasty. Accessible to the newbie, but just different enough from regular styles.


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  • FYI- Aleman has their own facility to brew.

  • In reply to Ronnie Muc:

    You're right. I did this review at 11:00 pm, and couldn't find any confirmation of this. Will have to visit when I get a chance.

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