Eclipse Special Review: Big Muddy Dark Noon

Eclipse Special Review: Big Muddy Dark Noon
The Eclipse special Russian Imperial Stout at Big Muddy Brewing

I wanted to slip in at least one note from the site of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. I’m betting that closer to the actual event, the WiFi will be totally overloaded. But I’ll have a bit of a journal and some further pictures later.

The Minor Naut and I are at Big Muddy Brewing in Murphysboro, which will have 2:38 of totality, same as at Carbondale. They have set up an eclipse viewing party of their own, opening at 8 am. That suits us, since we were able to come south from our campsite at the DuQuoin Fairgrounds, where we were able to enjoy dinner at St. Nicholas Brewing, more to come.

Intrigued as I am by the prospect of day drinking, I needed to stay on a level for the drive back, since the Minor only got about an hour of sleep. So I started with their eclipse special. Of course, it’s a solid black Russian Imperial Stout.

Dark Noon clocks in at 14% abv. They had already sold out of bomber bottles by 10 am, but there was still some on draft. I wanted just a taster, but they only offered it in this 8 oz tulip. Still, at $6, not a bad deal. It shows very little foam. The smell has some prune and warm alcohol with very little roast to it, partly smoothed by a six month residency in oak bourbon barrels. The taste is warming with alcohol, fruity, and quite thick. A “motor oil mouthfeel,” as we say.

It’s a very mellow brew, but very strong. I’d like to be drinking it during totality, but I know I’ll be running around with the camera.

And I’m glad Mrs. Naut called, even if it was after I first parked the car here, to say that the memory card for the camera was still in a computer at home. Luckily we were able to get to Walgreens quickly, and load the point & shooter, then get back before the crowd started to file in.

Big Muddy Eclipse

The back of Big Muddy, with field behind it for an eclipse viewing party.


The whole town of Murphysboro will be shutting down so everyone can experience the eclipse.

Here’s how it looked to my cheap point-and-shoot.

You can just about see the "hole in the sun!"

You can just about see the “hole in the sun!”


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  • I hope you actually got to see an eclipse, as here the sky was like looking through a glass of Alpha King Ale (i.e. light all obscured by a cloud deck).

  • In reply to jack:

    I've edited to show how it looked on my point and shoot camera. Thanks for asking!

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