Beer Nog: The New Christmas Drink

Friends, I believe we have a winner for best new holiday glug. California based food writer Randy Clemens has fooled around with a recipe for Beer Nog, using a strong dark beer, and proclaimed it tasty. Check the link in the title above and see what you think!


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  • Sounds like instant puke, unless the stout isn't too foamy.

    Besides, he is making his own eggnog, and isn't giving assurance that the alcohol in the stout is going to kill the salmonella. I don't really feel like going to the store and buy a quart of Dean's to try this.

    Now, putting rum into it is another story.

  • He does suggest, if you're unsure, looking for pasteurized-in-the-shell eggs. Who carries them is another question.
    Here are a few links about the process:
    How to pasteurize eggs at home:
    Basically, you need to get the yolk up to 138┬░F, which is just below the threshold at which eggs become cooked.
    Beermakers will tell you that "sanitizing" to reduce any possible germ count does not required the temperatures that "sterilizing" does.
    But I'm not going to regurgitate the odds on your getting a contaminated egg. Maybe instead of rum you could use an unflavored vodka or other neutral spirit and use the beer for flavoring. A Founder's Breakfast Stout might be more the trick here.

  • In reply to Mark McDermott:

    While I hadn't made it clear that I meant that I wasn't going to the store to buy a quart of Dean's Eggnog to put stout in it, I certainly am not going to the effort of pasteurizing my eggs to make my own eggnog and put stout in it.

    Since I am going to Dominick's today, I might buy some Lucerne eggnog to put nutmeg and rum in it.

    BTW, the artificial "nogg" they sell at Sunset is no good, but at least it doesn't have eggs or fluid milk in it.

    If you want to go into the salmonella front, I noted that while most of the Public TV chefs have gone hog wild on salmonella in chicken and eggs, Jacques Pepin last night made a chocolate custard with apparently raw eggs, and told his granddaughter that the cat would eat it if she didn't want it, to which she said "what cat?"

  • Nah, I just meant that everyone has their own comfort level on raw eggs. I probably wouldn't go near 'em just from the ick factor, but I like 'em fine in cookie dough.

    Unfortunately, I'm the only drinker in my house, so I likely won't be making my own eggnog. But know I'm thinking Kahlua might go good in to, too.

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