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MMA’s Rosi Sexton Tells it Like it is in MMA Regarding Steroids and PED’s

“When I saw the news on twitter last night [‘Cyborg’ Santos positive drug test], I felt a little like a ten year old whose parents have just admitted that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. A tiny bit disappointed, but mostly relieved that now we can all stop pretending.” Man, I like this girl. Similar to the... Read more »

MMA Light Heavyweight Krzysztof Soszynski Talks PED’s

Over this last summer I have highlighted several pieces on illegal performance-enhancements in sports, including the very popular sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). In several of those articles I discuss the idea that if someone in power really wanted to make a difference in the use of PED’s, they would do more random testing... Read more »

Kudos to B.J. Penn On His Stance On Steroids

Follow @KirkMango Finally, there is someone in MMA who stands behind a belief system that has character and integrity centered at its core. Personally, as an individual with family in the MMA game, and one dead set against illegal performance-enhancement in sports, it was encouraging to hear where B.J. Penn stands on this issue. In... Read more »

Top Doping Agencies (WADA, CCES, USADA) "Challenge" UFC's Claim Of "Toughest Drug-Testing In North America"

In an article titled Fighting-Anti-Doping chiefs say UFC must get serious, the global news agency Reuters reported that: “The Ultimate Fighting Championship claims to have the toughest drug-testing in North American sport but doping officials disagree and have challenged them to get serious about ensuring their sport is clean.” However, it is implied throughout the... Read more »