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Cycling & Lance Armstrong: USADA Releases Evidence of Armstrong’s Misdeeds…Still Many Skeptics

As I pore over the multitude of articles in the media, along with taking a look at the released USADA report (tabbed pdf link) on their evidence against Armstrong (which is extensively powerful in my mind), I can’t help but notice the continued support for Lance in the comment sections within many of these media pieces. Most... Read more »

Lance Armstrong: Was He Using or Wasn’t He? Expert Seems to Think so as Does the USADA

If my memory serves me correct, I think I’ve only written one piece on the case against Lance Armstrong and his alleged use of PED’s. Those who read my blog, and know my stand on the use of illegal performance-enhancing substances (and why I have that stance), are probably wondering why I have not taken... Read more »

Agree To Disagree With ESPN.com LZ Granderson In His Piece "Did Lance Armstrong cheat? I don't care"

(Joel Saget / AFP/Getty Images / July 21, 2005) In a timely article by LZ Granderson, Did Lance Armstrong cheat? I don’t care, at ESPN.com, Granderson discusses his feelings on how he truly does not care if Lance Armstrong was an illegal performance-enhancement practitioner. Albeit with a warning that teenagers should not be allowed to... Read more »

RideClean Sponsored Cycling Team Registers With United States Cycling: Challenging The Status Quo!!!

According to CyclingNews.com, Team RideClean is looking to demonstrate that elite level athletes can compete at higher levels without the use of performance-enhancing drugs. This is a national organization that is looking to “clean up” sports competitions and send a clear message to athletes that there is a better way to compete. In the piece at... Read more »

Elite / Professional / Olympic Athletes And Steroids Go Back A Ways

All the current news devoted to MLB players Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriquez, Tour de France riders Floyd Landis and (alleged drug user) Lance Armstrong, and rookie NFL player Brian Cushing, would seem to indicate that steroid and performance-enhancing drug usage is a more recent phenomena. At least that is what one might think based... Read more »