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High School: Downers Grove South P.E./Health/Drivers Ed. Show Undeniable Support For Colleague

I am writing this piece in order to thank a very special group of people in my life…a family away from home of sorts. You see, I am in my final year of teaching, after 34 years, and will be retiring from education at the end of this school year. My feelings about this retirement... Read more »

High School: Becoming an Individual is Simply a Matter of Choice!!!

As a high school educator, you have the opportunity to witness the growth and development of so many of our youth. It is through these experiences I am sometimes saddened to see a good number of our budding adolescents make choices that they believe establish them as an “individual,” but, in reality, minimize their personal... Read more »

Sports, Education & Society: Motivation is Best When it Comes From the Inside

We live in a society that is becoming more and more outcome only driven. Whether it is money, fame, scholarship, prestige, power, etc., there are a good number of individuals who do what they do simply because of the extrinsic rewards that may come out of their efforts; nothing else. This is no less reflected... Read more »

High School: Is Technology to Blame for Students’ Diminished Capacity to LISTEN, COMMUNICATE, and ABSORB!!!

Every once in a while I like to take a break from my normal sports highlights, rants, and teachings in order to cover something a little bit off my usual track. Usually, the inspiration for these off the beat writings comes from something I have read or recently observed, and this time is no different.... Read more »

High School Sports: Athletes And Alcohol In The News...AGAIN!!!

Photographs, originally on Facebook, of 11 athletes in possession of alcohol and/or tobacco were recently turned over to Melrose High School (Melrose, MA) administration as reported by myFOXBOSTON.com. According to information currently available, suspensions of these athletes could reach 60% of their athletic season, along with other possible consequences. Here is the news story direct... Read more »

Difference Between Training and Working Out, Something The Best Athletes Know!!!

  Being a physical education teacher, and former coach, at a prominent high school in the suburbs (an area surrounded by highly successful athletes and programs) gives me ample opportunity for contact with coaches who truly understand the “path” toward success. Regardless of what sport they coach, I consistently find beneficial pieces within their rhetoric... Read more »

High School, College, Life Got You Down? Something Awe-Inspiring For YOU!!! Do Not Miss This Video!!!

Every once in a while I come across something that puts in perspective exactly what it is I support and encourage in students and student athletes. Something that not only tells a story but visually depicts the essence of a belief system, above all others, that gives deeper meaning behind one’s life, truly enhancing it.... Read more »