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You Get What You Emphasize. Or Do You?

Anytime you enter into a new leadership position, whether it is in business, for an organization, or as a head coach at a different school, the first and primary task at hand is to begin to establish the kind of culture you are looking for. Jim Thompson, founder and Executive Director of Positive Coaching Alliance... Read more »

SUCCESS…Lizzie Velasquez KNOWS It's Much More a Matter of CHOICE!!!

Of anything inspirational or motivational I have written, shared, watched, or experienced…this video piece ranks right up there at the top of my list. I STRONGLY encourage every single one of you to take a good look at what this young lady has to say (video below). She is certainly one who truly understands (actually... Read more »

Alabama’s Head Coach Nick Saban Stands a Cut Above the Rest

Most of what I write comes directly out of my experiences as a competitive athlete (the adversity I faced in that), my coaching and teaching life, and the myriad of experiences garnered as a parent of two competitive athletes, along with the variety of sports behavior consistently publicized in the media. Other than possibly John... Read more »

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards…It’s What Happens On The Inside That Counts

What is it that keeps athletes interested and motivated over the long term? How are they able to train day in and day out, month after month, and keep that passion alive? And after their athletic career has ended, when all is said and done (with awards, honors, and trophies all up on the shelf)... Read more »

Taking The "Im" Out of Impossible: A Matter of Connecting The "Dots"

It is in giving inspirational presentations to high school athletes that I have had the distinct opportunity to reflect on what allows a select few athletes to achieve greatness through adversity. This “special” ingredient is something that most certainly comes from within, permitting a competitor or a team to reach beyond normal limitations. It is... Read more »

Sports: Prioritizing Potential Over Winning - They Are Not The Same

Winning, in its simplest form, is what all athletes want to do―they want to win. The sheer nature of competitive sports being competitive brings forth these winning aspirations; it’s simply part of the “game.” If this was not the case, then there would be no reason to keep score. And whether one participates in team... Read more »

A "BETTER" Path Toward Excellence and Success...Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez, and others like them...YOU LISTENING!!!

Created to take a stand for every clean athlete out there. Those seeking to honestly and truly reach their potential…all while building on their character and integrity, instead of sacrificing it for the “W.” ENJOY!!! Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and... Read more »

Athletic Success in Sports is all about FAILURE!!!

So…I would assume the title caught your eye? I would hope so, as it may seem, at first, that success and failure should not be combined the way they are used in the above heading. It just doesn’t really make sense…does it? Or does it?!! This brings me to a story written by John Keilman... Read more »

Olympics: Bulgaria’s Gymnast Jordan Jovtchev Still Has What It Takes at 39!!!

What an awesome display of dedication, of inspiration. A 39-year-old male gymnast making the event finals, at what…just about double the age of his peers, and on the still rings event, WOW!!! And in his sixth Olympics, unbelievable. Being one who knows this event at the upper levels of the sport, I can tell you... Read more »

High School: A Wrestler's Awe-Inspiring Demonstration of Inner Will, Determination and Grit - Fine Example for All

Back in May of 2008 (on my original blog), and in March here on Chicago Now, I posted a short piece on a very special wrestler from Ohio.  One thing that made this wrestler so special was his willingness to take on what many would say were insurmountable odds to become a state contender in his weight class in wrestling –... Read more »