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You Get What You Reward

In my second year as the Boys’ Basketball Coach at Fairmont Prep Academy we are in the process of trying to establish a particular kind of culture and were having some trouble getting certain players to commit to things we felt were important. Some of this was the players not understanding yet, some was parental... Read more »

You Get What You Emphasize. Or Do You?

Anytime you enter into a new leadership position, whether it is in business, for an organization, or as a head coach at a different school, the first and primary task at hand is to begin to establish the kind of culture you are looking for. Jim Thompson, founder and Executive Director of Positive Coaching Alliance... Read more »


I love using that as an acronym that stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. Easy to say, looks good on a locker room wall, but hard to achieve. It has to start with breeding togetherness that builds the trust we previously discussed. At a Positive Coaching Alliance event titled “Insights from Experts” Westmont University Head... Read more »

Parenting Athletes in the 21st Century

Back in the winter of 2012, I did an inspirational speaking presentation for a group of athletes, coaches and parents at a local high school. At the end of the presentation, as usual, I opened up the conversation to questions from attendees. In the back of the audience, a woman raised her hand and promptly... Read more »

Character Building and Competitive Sports Participation-Do They Mix?

The traditionally-held notion that athletes build character through their participation in sports is something that certainly seems debatable based on our current sports and youth sports culture. If we base our opinion solely on what we see in the media regarding athletes and behavior (both on and off the field), you would likely come away... Read more »

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards…It’s What Happens On The Inside That Counts

What is it that keeps athletes interested and motivated over the long term? How are they able to train day in and day out, month after month, and keep that passion alive? And after their athletic career has ended, when all is said and done (with awards, honors, and trophies all up on the shelf)... Read more »

Taking The "Im" Out of Impossible: A Matter of Connecting The "Dots"

It is in giving inspirational presentations to high school athletes that I have had the distinct opportunity to reflect on what allows a select few athletes to achieve greatness through adversity. This “special” ingredient is something that most certainly comes from within, permitting a competitor or a team to reach beyond normal limitations. It is... Read more »


Yes, that was “Do You!” with an exclamation point  not “Do you?” with a question mark.  If you were to come to one of my young son Tyler’s baseball games, at any point during the game either at the plate or on the pitchers mound, you might hear his Mom implore from the stands, “Do... Read more »

Sports: Prioritizing Potential Over Winning - They Are Not The Same

Winning, in its simplest form, is what all athletes want to do―they want to win. The sheer nature of competitive sports being competitive brings forth these winning aspirations; it’s simply part of the “game.” If this was not the case, then there would be no reason to keep score. And whether one participates in team... Read more »

A "BETTER" Path Toward Excellence and Success...Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez, and others like them...YOU LISTENING!!!

Created to take a stand for every clean athlete out there. Those seeking to honestly and truly reach their potential…all while building on their character and integrity, instead of sacrificing it for the “W.” ENJOY!!! Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and... Read more »