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Father’s Facebook Rant Causes Son’s Drop from Arizona Youth Football Team

It happens so often – an overzealous parent wreaking havoc on their son’s or daughter’s sports experience – that most of us expect to see it sooner rather than later. Not only are spectators privy to uncomfortable scenes played out by parents right before their eyes, “crazy” sports parenting is a consistent topic in many... Read more »

Parental Focus on Effort Over Talent Key to Higher Levels of Success

We’ve all heard the comments, “Wow, look how talented that player is” or “Geez, is that kid good, he (she) must have tons of talent” or even “That girl (boy) is going to be great someday, her (his) parents were both Olympic athletes.” Yes, many equate high levels of skill and athletic accomplishment with the... Read more »

Sports: The Sports Doctor Interview Revisited

If you missed host Dr. Weil and myself discussing Becoming a True Champion on The Sports Doctor radio show in the Chicago Area last Thursday you are welcome to listen to the show in its entirety by clicking the mp3 link below. sportsdoctorradio.com/2012/june28.mp3 We discuss a variety of sports topics and how the book relates... Read more »

Sports Parenting: A Parent’s Role in Raising Athletes in Today’s Youth Sports Culture-Part II

Guest Post by Brie Isaacson In continuation of Part I:  A Parent’s Role in Raising Athletes in Today’s Youth Sports Culture, here are the last two “pieces of the puzzle” for parents of young athletic offspring. Middle Phase – Middle School Aged Children Effort and Attitude are the most important!  It is the only thing... Read more »

Sports Parenting: A Parent’s Role in Raising Athletes in Today’s Youth Sports Culture-Part I

Guest Post by Brie Isaacson Time changes everything! Last week I took my son Wyatt (7) to baseball practice. I couldn’t help but smile to see what a difference one year makes. It was just last season that a simple bug, airplane or blade of grass could distract an entire team. I stood in amazement... Read more »

Things Your Kids Didn't Learn in School And Our Current Sports Environment (Repost)

Full Disclosure: This article is a re-post of a piece I did back on May 22, 2009 for my personal blog (moving it to my ChicagoNow blog on March 4, 2010) . As I near retirement, and wonder what direction our current educational system (and sports & youth sports culture) will take, I still see the aspects highlighted... Read more »

Guest Writer, Naperville Central Coach Brie Isaacson, Adds New Dimension to The Athlete’s Sports Experience

It is my pleasure to introduce to you a new guest writer to my blog. Her name is Brie Isaacson and she is the head volleyball coach at Naperville Central High School in Naperville, Illinois and the club volleyball director at Club 1 volleyball in Plainfield, Illinois. Her athletic experience includes playing high school volleyball... Read more »

Sports Parenting: Janis Meredith Talks About Youth Sports Sympathy Groups Part II

Last Friday I highlighted Janis Meredith’s take on the negative parental gossip that is so common at youth sports events these days. However, Janis goes on to give some very perceptive alternatives to becoming part of that “sympathy group” phenomenon she discusses in What are sports parenting sympathy groups and why should you avoid them?.... Read more »

Sports Parenting: Janis Meredith Talks About Youth Sports Sympathy Groups Part I

Twenty-eight years as a wife of a coach, and eighteen as a parent of athletes, brings to an individual a wealth of experience and knowledge not readily available to the masses. You just can’t go through that in today’s youth sports culture without learning and gaining valuable, insightful information. And to merely say that one... Read more »

Sports Parenting: Sports Parent Janis Meredith Teaches “Giving” Through Sports

It is not that often I find positive articles in the media or on the internet about sports and youth sports topics. There are far too many  occasions where some pro, elite level athlete, or coach makes a poor “character” choice getting their name, and story, plastered all over every media outlet you can find.... Read more »