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Doping: The Fallacy Behind “A Policy Allowing Open and Regulated” PED Use in Cycling as a Solution

It is with some dismay that I discovered a piece in The Sydney Morning Herald (an Australian publication) titled Why punishing cyclists over drugs is dopey by Craig Fry. As I read through the piece, what bothered me most is that (without deeper, more global thought) readers will likely come away believing the article’s main... Read more »

High School: Common Sense Prevails Over Absoluteness in School Sports Age Limit Rule

I would be the first in line to support the need for solid structure in sports and youth sports, specifically rules and expectations all must follow. It is the nature of athletics to be governed by some set of standards or guidelines. It is what keeps competition equitable, fair, and well…competitive. However, and something I... Read more »

NCAA: “Compensate student-athletes” Piece at TheTandD.com has One Major Flaw

Most know, at least if you have perused my blog, that I am not in favor of paying college athletes a salary like we compensate someone “working” at their job. That treating athletes participating in college sports in the same manner as we do professional athletes would likely bring more bad than good to the... Read more »

37 NFL Football Players Arrested

At Sports Radio 850AM (Brighton, MA), Mikey and Ryder discuss the large amount of NFL players who have been arrested this year, and the reasons why they think it has escalated. Take a listen (scroll to time 6:56): Watch this at WEEI Whether it was for suspicion of intoxication, DUI, assault, possession of an illegal... Read more »

High School Sports: Eighth Grade And Younger Recruits, Are They Ready???

Patrick Hite’s piece, Let kids be kids, not superstars, at newsleader.com hits home on so many levels I am not sure where to begin. Highlighting the recruitment by UCLA of Stephen Zimmerman (a 6’10” 8th grade basketball star) and his turning down their offer, Hite details several very important points. First, how the heck does... Read more »

Pacific Legal Foundation Weighs in on Title IX and their Law Suit

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The above video further details the ongoing issue with Title IX interpretation and implementation at the high school level, specifically with high school sports. Weigh in (using the comment section below) on this important topic as the impact of what happens will surely be felt all across the country.

NCAA Pushing For Higher Academic Standards

Being a high school teacher, I am privy to the minimum requirements athletes must maintain in order to compete on sports teams in high school. At the school where I teach, a student athlete must be passing a minimum of five classes to be eligible for competition. Anything less than that and they are ineligible... Read more »

Moral Dilemma Causes Top Iowa High School Wrestler to Default, Won't Face Girl

As a supporter of equal opportunity, and one who has raised two girls through high school and college sports, it is disheartening to see situations arise in high school sports where this equal opportunity causes a moral dilemma for some. Such is the case with an Iowa high school wrestler (Joel Northrup), one favored in... Read more »

Should Major League Baseball Stick With Tradition or Follow NFL Path?

Lance Pugmire’s article in last week’s Los Angeles Times, Seeking officiating perfection in an imperfect sports world, brings to light the argument about whether the MLB should be taking a “play” from the NFL playbook by incorporating more instant replay with close calls. The article uses a statistic from an ESPN study that revealed how... Read more »

New Lakeview High School Athletic Code Supports Leadership As Deterrent

In Bill Broderick’s piece, Lakeview program helps leaders (BattleCreekEnquirer.com), he details Lakeview’s noteworthy attempt to attack athletic code violations before they occur – through leadership training. After revising their athletic code the school garnered the services of Dennis O’Sullivan (AAI Vice President for Professional and College Development) to help train approximately “50 of its top... Read more »