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Sports Injuries Not Just a Summer Time Issue

I was recently contacted by Emma Roberts, marketing campaign team member for Summernanny.com, regarding an interesting piece they published several weeks ago, titled 15 of the Best Blogs on Preventing Sports Injuries in Kids. She asked if I wouldn’t mind sharing the content here on The Athlete’s Sports Experience. I told her I would certainly... Read more »

Sports: Most Inspirational Sports Stories of 2012, It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than These

It’s been an interesting year (2012) of “bad” behavior when it comes to sports and scandals as several high profile cases took precedence, garnering strong media attention. The Sandusky, Penn State disgrace and tragedy certainly topped the headlines for quite a while, as did the Lance Armstrong scandal with all that that encompassed. Seems there... Read more »

Bullying: Turn Bullying Into an Advantage…Just Like Taylor Swift!!!

A weekend or two ago, I was flipping through channels on TV looking for something my wife and I could watch while enjoying the take out we had just picked up (love oriental stir-fry). As I bounced around from station to station, I eventually landed on VH1. Noticing that Taylor Swift was on, talking candidly... Read more »

Youth Sports: Thoughts on Nine-Year-Old Girl Football Sensation

This past week a video of a nine-year-old girl playing boys youth football hit the internet, and media, on a fairly large scale. To say I was impressed with this young ladies athletic abilities as I watched her slash through openings, sprint by would-be tacklers (even those who had an angle on her), make corners,... Read more »

Coaching: Sports Psychologist Dr. Alan Goldberg Knows What Makes a Good Coach

A good friend (colleague of mine) and basketball coach at my school, Kris Olson, sent me a nice commentary on “coaching” forwarded to him (and the coaching staff) by our athletic director Randy Konstans. Needless to say, I found the article very appealing and important enough to highlight here, at The Athlete’s Sports Experience. The... Read more »

Sports: Oak Brook Barnes & Noble Hosts Kirk Mango and "Becoming a True Champion"

As an adult, did you ever think to yourself “man, if I only knew then what I know now?” At one time or another, most of us have. Well…that is one of the reasons behind the writing of my book Becoming a True Champion. It gives athletes a more conducive path toward athletic excellence, all... Read more »

Naperville: Becoming a True Champion and Kirk Mango at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville

I would like to offer an open invitation to all interested in attending my Meet & Greet Book Signing for Becoming a True Champion (BATC) this Wednesday evening at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville. There will be plenty of books available for sale and I look forward to signing any copies purchased that evening. Getting BATC... Read more »

High School Sports: Lifetime Earnings for High School Athletes Higher Than Non-Participants

A recent article on the website business2community.com by CoachUp sparked my interest. With a title like Youth Sports Participation Translates to Higher Income, how could it not? The whole idea that being a high school athlete increases one’s chances of bringing in more income throughout one’s life (as an outcome of this participation) is certainly... Read more »

High School: Alcohol Diminishes One’s Athletic Potential

I can’t count the number of times I’ve written about this issue of use and misuse of alcohol by athletes, especially high school athletes (I am a high school teacher and former high school coach). In fact, I was thinking of referencing those past articles for this piece, however, they are just too numerous and... Read more »

Bullied Bus Monitor: Cruel Bullying Gets Lambasted by Public Opinion, Demonstrates Power of People

I had toyed with the idea of posting a piece on the cruel, painful, and maybe not so uncommon, bullying that bus monitor Ms. Karen Klein was subjected to by school children while supervising on a bus in a suburb of NY. As important and poignant as the story is, it did not have that... Read more »