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Pittsburgh Steelers Outside Linebacker James Harrison Gives Back Sons Trophies

Wow…you certainly don’t read about parental behavior like Steelers James Harrison recently exhibited regarding the participation trophies his son’s received. In fact…it is much more common to see, hear, and read about circumstances where not enough is GIVEN to kids (as well as the “bad”  behavior, parental and athlete, we consistently read about). What…exactly…was Harrison’s... Read more »

Parenting Athletes in the 21st Century

Back in the winter of 2012, I did an inspirational speaking presentation for a group of athletes, coaches and parents at a local high school. At the end of the presentation, as usual, I opened up the conversation to questions from attendees. In the back of the audience, a woman raised her hand and promptly... Read more »

Sports: Conversation Sparks “Idea,” Inspiring Book for Athletes, Parents, and Coaches

Over this past year, I have spent a good deal of time adding articles to my blog here at ChicagoNow. Pieces that I felt warranted a highlight, articles written to inspire thought and action, commentary (sometimes unpopular) I thought necessary, and writings with the specific purpose of building strong foundations for success…athletic success. My goal…something... Read more »

Bullying: Turn Bullying Into an Advantage…Just Like Taylor Swift!!!

A weekend or two ago, I was flipping through channels on TV looking for something my wife and I could watch while enjoying the take out we had just picked up (love oriental stir-fry). As I bounced around from station to station, I eventually landed on VH1. Noticing that Taylor Swift was on, talking candidly... Read more »

Sports: Regardless of the Sport, Athletes are Much More Alike Than They are Different – Part III

Continuing our discussion from Part II (Wednesday), make no mistake, the last three categories that encompass the commonalities between all athletes when striving to succeed is every bit as important as the first three. Next up…the CDSPH Principle. CDSPH Principle: An acronym created for Becoming a True Champion, the CDSPH Principle (Commitment, Discipline, Sacrifice, Priorities,... Read more »

Sports: Regardless of the Sport, Athletes are Much More Alike Than They are Different – Part II

Well…the answer to the question posed at the end of Part I of this post (what are those relative aspects, qualities, ALL athletes/teams need in order to reach their potential and become the very best that they can be?) is certainly quite long. That is, at least, if I were to elaborate on all points... Read more »

Sports: Regardless of the Sport, Athletes are Much More Alike Than They are Different – Part I

When you think about that title, what comes to your mind first? Do you find it hard to fathom the idea that athletes in different sports are much more alike than they are different? Take football…I mean that is one physical sport. Go to any high school football game where two competitive teams are playing... Read more »

High School: Becoming an Individual is Simply a Matter of Choice!!!

As a high school educator, you have the opportunity to witness the growth and development of so many of our youth. It is through these experiences I am sometimes saddened to see a good number of our budding adolescents make choices that they believe establish them as an “individual,” but, in reality, minimize their personal... Read more »

High School Sports: Minnesota High School Denies Junior High Athletes Access to High School Varsity Sports

Wow!!! Did not even know there was a state that allowed 7th graders to participate in high school on their varsity teams. Take a look at the video in the following link: Parents File Complaints To Get Young Athletes On Varsity Teams Not sure where to start here. I suppose I should mention (for those... Read more »

Sports, Education & Society: Motivation is Best When it Comes From the Inside

We live in a society that is becoming more and more outcome only driven. Whether it is money, fame, scholarship, prestige, power, etc., there are a good number of individuals who do what they do simply because of the extrinsic rewards that may come out of their efforts; nothing else. This is no less reflected... Read more »