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NFL And HGH: California Representative Henry Waxman Calls Into Question NFL Union “Delay” Tactics Regarding HGH Testing

What a shocker!!! Even with an agreement between the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and the NFL to test for HGH, nothing has moved forward. No testing. And Rep. Henry Waxman knows exactly where the problem lies. In his ESPN piece, NFL delay over HGH tests: Unacceptable, Waxman runs down the history behind the “how” and... Read more »

37 NFL Football Players Arrested

At Sports Radio 850AM (Brighton, MA), Mikey and Ryder discuss the large amount of NFL players who have been arrested this year, and the reasons why they think it has escalated. Take a listen (scroll to time 6:56): Watch this at WEEI Whether it was for suspicion of intoxication, DUI, assault, possession of an illegal... Read more »

NFL, Take Notice: WADA’s “Biological Passport” For Olympics

Follow @KirkMango Matt McGrath’s article at BBC News, Passport to a drug free Olympics?, details the leap forward WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is taking in combating illegal performance-enhancement at the upcoming London Olympics. Using what WADA calls an athlete biological passport, they are able to screen for “biological variables” in athletes over time, giving testers... Read more »

NFL Testing For HGH

Follow @KirkMango The recent article in the New York Times, N.F.L. Says Drug Testing Will Be Rigorous and Frequent, was somewhat refreshing. I use the term “refreshing” based on the title and its initial implications, and the term “somewhat” because of what is detailed in the article. In a nutshell, the piece describes the new,... Read more »

Shame On ESPN's Tim Keown For Writing Such A Piece: "NFL and WADA? No thanks"

I can’t believe Mr. Keown is actually serious with this stuff: “You want to destroy the NFL as we know it? If you collected 20 of the smartest sports minds in the world to address that question, it wouldn’t be long before someone would stand up and say, “‘I’ve got it. This is the worst... Read more »

NFL Looking To Make HGH Testing Part of the "DEAL"

As reported by Alex Marvez at FOXSports.com, it looks as if the NFL is moving toward a more comprehensive approach to leveling the playing field when dealing with performance-enhancing drug use. Their proposed agreement supports testing of players for HGH, a test that is only accomplishable through blood analysis. In the past, the players’ union... Read more »

Drew Brees, A True Sports Hero In The Making: Man, We Sure Could Use One

I would have great difficulty putting into words the feelings I had as I watched the full Drew Brees interview by Steve Croft on 60 minutes a week ago. It moved me enough to write a piece on the goalpost challenge Drew accepted from Mr. Croft, titled Drew Brees KNOWS what it takes, just ask... Read more »

Drew Brees KNOWS what it takes, just ask host Steve Croft of 60 Minutes!!!

If you haven’t seen this short clip of Drew Brees, watch it before reading on!!! (Direct Link From CBS: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6902190n&tag=mncol;lst;3) I could not help but smile, ear to ear as a matter of fact, as I watched the 60 minutes piece last Sunday by Steve Croft on Drew Brees, especially the portion on Drew accepting... Read more »

Should Major League Baseball Stick With Tradition or Follow NFL Path?

Lance Pugmire’s article in last week’s Los Angeles Times, Seeking officiating perfection in an imperfect sports world, brings to light the argument about whether the MLB should be taking a “play” from the NFL playbook by incorporating more instant replay with close calls. The article uses a statistic from an ESPN study that revealed how... Read more »

Tim Tebow: Can He Make It In The NFL?

In perusing the internet looking for various sports stories of interest, I came across several conversations about Tim Tebow and what others think he can and can’t accomplish. This young quarterback from Florida is currently facing the daunting task of silencing his critics and becoming a premiere NFL quarterback, something I believe to be a... Read more »