Ohio State Deshaun Thomas Demonstrates Character of a True Champion

In a recent interview on WGN in late March, I was asked by Middday News Anchor Steve Sanders what the difference was between a champion and what I have titled a true champion. My response centered on the idea that a true champion has a very strong focus on the process piece of becoming very... Read more »

Louisville Basketball Faces Adverse Circumstance, Comes Out Shining

Let me start by stating that I am no expert on basketball. Sure, I can tell you when a team is pressing or when a player may be stronger on their right side when compared to their left…but that is about the extent of it. I wouldn’t know the difference between a motion offense, zone... Read more »

College Sports Scholarship More Challenging With New NCAA Guidelines

Early this past February, Chicago Tribune reporter John Keilman published an informative piece titled Bad grades, low test scores can scramble signing day plans. The focus in Keilman’s article was on football, college scholarship and the difficulty today’s football athletes are facing in their quest for a paid college education based on academic eligibility…or lack... Read more »

Penn State: NCAA Hammers Penn State for Cover Up of Sandusky’s Horrendous Sexual Abuses

The NCAA made no mistake in making it crystal clear they will not tolerate the hiding of atrocious acts like the ones Sandusky perpetrated on his young victims. It appears that due to Penn State higher-ups (including former coach Joe Paterno, former university president Graham Spanier… and other Penn State officials) having knowledge of Sandusky’s... Read more »

High School: Best College Softball Player’s Olympic Dream Gone, She Must Move On

The article, Ashley Hansen set to give up softball, on espn.go.com was a tough one for me to read. Her statistics (something I will let you get from the article), along with her attitude and character as described in the piece, all seem to be most impressive. It says a lot to be considered “one... Read more »

NCAA Champion Anthony Robles: A Man on a Mission Has No Bounds

Inspiration, motivation, desire; three almost interchangeable terms which hold the power to move us from where we are to where we want to be. Like a smoldering, yet ever-present fire, sometimes white hot in intensity, the significance of these terms to the overall theme of becoming the best one can be simply cannot be denied.... Read more »

High School: A Definition of True Success That Builds From the Inside Out

Back in December of 2009, after a conversation I had with one of my kids, I was contemplating the idea of what true or real success is. A definition, so to speak, that would help give clarification to the term. I mean everyone has their own personal definition of what success is to them, right? However, in today’s... Read more »

NCAA: President Mark Emmert Wants to Move College Sports in a Better Direction

Wow, what a year in college sports. Talk about epitomizing the “bad” behavior that college sports can bring to the table; 2011 was a banner year. As referenced at CNN, we had the memorabilia trading scandal under Jim Tressel at Ohio State, continued fallout over USC’s Reggie Bush receiving money and gifts during his college... Read more »

NCAA: NCAA Increases Academic Standards for Division I Play Coming 2015

Seth Walder’s piece at NewYorkDailyNews.com, New NCAA rules will require incoming athletes to meet higher academic standards to play a Division I sport in college, sheds light on the positive step the NCAA is making toward increasing eligibility requirements for 2015 incoming freshmen who want to play Division I sports. The current standards require a... Read more »

NCAA: “Compensate student-athletes” Piece at TheTandD.com has One Major Flaw

Most know, at least if you have perused my blog, that I am not in favor of paying college athletes a salary like we compensate someone “working” at their job. That treating athletes participating in college sports in the same manner as we do professional athletes would likely bring more bad than good to the... Read more »