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High School: Addendum to My Post on Technology, Kids, and Communication

With only one week left before summer break, the “kids” are getting restless. They certainly don’t like sitting for too long, even though final exams are right around the corner and time needs to be spent on review. Most would rather be left to do what they want (even though it would likely have nothing... Read more »

Conquering Cancer: Donna's Good Things St. Baldrick's event on Valentine's Day - Making a Difference!!!

This past September (2011) a heartbreaking story was published at ChicagoNow on the Mary Tyler Mom blog titled Donna’s Cancer Story. It was a continuing chronicle (31 installments) portraying the emotional and trying ordeal of a family and their young child’s battle with cancer. Sadly, her fight against this unrelenting disease ended on October 19th,... Read more »

The Sports Doctor, Dr. Robert Weil, Challenges Obesity With “Kids Beating Obesity”

“It’s an epidemic” are the words echoed throughout the media, and from experts, regarding the United States current affair with being overweight―or over-fat as I like to call it. And as a 32-year veteran in physical education, I can attest to the idea that this is and should be a major concern, as I have... Read more »

“Give 7” Helps Build Character and Respect in Children

Follow @KirkMango As a high school teacher and former coach, nothing bothers me more than disrespectful student attitudes. It is a precursor to the deterioration of the type of positive teaching and coaching environment where all can learn. And as my career has progressed, disrespectful behavior, both in type and amount, has certainly been on... Read more »

The Road To The NBA Starts At Birth!!! (Sarcasm Intended)

Yes, creating an NBA player begins when your offspring takes his first breath. There is no better time than before one’s first steps to start down that path to basketball greatness as crib training becomes all the rage. Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Derrik Rose had better watch out as Alan Stein, basketball specific strength & conditiong coach from StrongerTeam.com,... Read more »

POLL - Toddler Sports Training: Parenting 2011

In my last piece, Athletic Sports Training For Toddlers:  Parenting 2011, I highlighted a trend toward fitness training toddlers through Gymco sports in Grand Rapids Michigan. Here’s your chance to weigh in on the topic. poll by twiigs.com

Athletic Sports Training For Toddlers: Parenting 2011

In a recent piece on CNN, Extreme Parenting:  Toddler Fitness, reporter Christine Romans highlights a trend in Grand Rapids, Michigan toward basic sports training for toddlers. The program is run by Doreen Bolhuis through her company Gymco sports. As Doreen puts it, “We would not leave academic education to chance and hope that children figure... Read more »