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Sports: Helping High School Athletes Think Like Champions

Years ago, when I was still coaching, I coached a team that had a great deal of potential. However, as is common with a good number of high school athletes, their confidence was not up to par with that said potential. Their talent was most definitely beyond their current level of performance, and their efforts... Read more »

The Good, Better and Best vs a Master Coach

The good coach works toward having their athletes master one piece of the game. Consideration is given to other aspects; however, the main objective for the good coach is the mastering of that one piece. The better coach works toward having their athletes master several pieces of the game. To them, mastering more than one... Read more »

Inspirational Quote of the Day - Monday, September 20th

      It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts. -John Wooden  From: Keyser Football Famous Sports Quotes  

Inspirational Quote of the Day - Friday, July 16th

Inspirational Quote of the Day - Friday, July 16th
Don’t let what you cannot dointerfere with what you can do. -John Wooden From: The Greatest Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quote of the Day - STARTS TODAY!!!

Inspirational Quote of the Day - STARTS TODAY!!!
What better way to encourage and motivate sports-minded people, and athletes, then inspire them through the words of those who have been there. So, starting today – and running every other day (until I run out), I will post an Inspirational Quote of the Day. These quotes will come from famous people – many of... Read more »

High School Summer Basketball Program Philosophy: You Decide

In reference to this piece, Coaching The “John Wooden” Way: High School Coach Encouraging “The Right Stuff,” what do you think of coach Olson’s emphasis in his summer basketball program? Take the poll to see what others say. poll by twiigs.com

Coaching The "John Wooden" Way: High School Coach Encouraging "The Right Stuff"

With the recent passing of coaching great John Wooden, and the ever present “winning at all cost attitudes” and entitlement exploits of too many elite athletes (things Coach Wooden would certainly frown on), I find it refreshing to bring something more positive to the table this summer sports season. School’s out and summertime brings with... Read more »

Sports Loses One Of Its All-Time Greats: There Will Never Be Another John Wooden!!!

I could, as so many are, easily feature the extraordinary and unparalleled accomplishments of Coach John Wooden. Possibly elaborate on how few coaches today, perhaps few men, could ever come close to establishing and encouraging the sound philosophical principles for which Coach Wooden was known. Maybe even detail his life story based on the numerous... Read more »

A Tribute to John Wooden: A Role Model For Us All

The first time I ever heard the name John Wooden was during a master’s course I was taking for a post-graduate degree in administration. One of my assignments was to write a synopsis on a video of Coach Wooden’s principles, relating his beliefs to information being taught in the course. Before then, I really had... Read more »