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A Promise to the Dearly Departed Becomes a MISSION...the Jim MacLaren Story!!!

There are some stories that deserve to be told…shared and passed on from generation to generation simply because of the message they provide. Inspirational life experiences that stand well above the rest…creating a value all their own…making them a requirement to be seen by ALL as they depict the endless possibilities within the human spirit.... Read more »

Derrick Coleman is THE MAN!!!

As an addendum to my post Bullied Seattle Seahawks Star Running Back Derrick Coleman INSPIRES!!! comes this: Ok…anyone else getting chills about this guy Coleman? What an awesome display of giving back, paying it forward…aw heck….just doing a really good thing just because it is a GOOD THING!!! Man…I love this guy!!!

Bullied Seattle Seahawks Star Running Back Derrick Coleman INSPIRES!!!

In a sea of negative media hype regarding athletes gone “BAD” (Alex Rodriguez, Lance Armstrong, Ryan Braun, etc.), along with the recent wild rant of Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman, comes a heartwarming story of inspiration. This one from legally deaf Seattle Seahawks running back Derrick Coleman. I could not possibly do the story the same... Read more »

Exceptional Superhero Strength Produces Inspiration for Others

It never ceases to amaze me, the inner strength of some…no matter what their circumstance. So much so that I get goose bumps watching and listening to their story. It’s simply impossible for me not to. Such is the case with Steve Hartman’s (CBS) story of power lifter Jonathan Stoklosa, a great share by my friend Bart... Read more »

Sports: Prioritizing Potential Over Winning - They Are Not The Same

Winning, in its simplest form, is what all athletes want to do―they want to win. The sheer nature of competitive sports being competitive brings forth these winning aspirations; it’s simply part of the “game.” If this was not the case, then there would be no reason to keep score. And whether one participates in team... Read more »

Youth Sports at its BEST…an Inspiration for us ALL!!!

This piece will be an emotional one for me to write. Not because of anything that happened to me, nor because I am about to retire from a career that spans 34+ years (and I will greatly miss the kids I have worked with and colleagues I call my family away from home), but because... Read more »

Becoming a True Champion (#BATC) Reader Expresses Opinion

Sometime around last April (just before Becoming a True Champion was released to the public) I was sitting at my keyboard wondering how athletes, coaches and/or parents might interpret the concepts and principles interwoven throughout BATC? Would they understand what I was trying to say…what I wanted to accomplish? Would they see the same need... Read more »

“Greatest Inspirational Quotes” a Book for Every Day in the Year

Sometimes…a simple statement can change the direction of one’s life. Motivate them toward more positive, worthwhile ways to make choices. Help them start each day with purpose, and finish that day feeling more accomplished. An inspirational piece one grasps, without hesitation, just for the mere impact and meaning it has for them. This is how... Read more »

Sports: Most Inspirational Sports Stories of 2012, It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than These

It’s been an interesting year (2012) of “bad” behavior when it comes to sports and scandals as several high profile cases took precedence, garnering strong media attention. The Sandusky, Penn State disgrace and tragedy certainly topped the headlines for quite a while, as did the Lance Armstrong scandal with all that that encompassed. Seems there... Read more »

Sports: Athletes Seeking Championship Success Start With “ROA”

This past summer we watched some of the very best athletes in the world compete at the London Olympics. Whether it was swimmers Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte or Missy Franklin; gymnasts Gabby Douglas, Alexandra Raisman or Mckayla Maroney; or track’s Usain Bolt, Ashton Eaton or Lolo Jones; all demonstrated the results that unequivocal dedication, commitment,... Read more »