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Bill Brady, Vouchers, Charter Schools, and Recruiting High School Athletes: A Problem or Solution???

With the Illinois elections nearly upon us, it behooves us take a look at one likely change that a particular candidate would certainly bring to the table if elected. It is my understanding that Bill Brady is in favor of school vouchers and charter schools for Illinois. At the very least, he does support the... Read more »

Lakewood High School Brings New Code For 2010 Raising Expectations & Encouraging Excellence

According to an article on HeraldNet.com, New code elevates attitudes at Lakewood, Lakewood High School (in Lakewood, Washington) has adopted a new approach to sports participation at the school – and this new approach has made a difference. A group of proactive Lakewood coaches, along with their athletic director, met to revamp sports programs from... Read more »

WADA Asking Drug Companies To Join In Battle Against PED And Steroid Use

ESPN Olympic Sports reported last week, WADA signs accord with IFPMA, that WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) recently signed an agreement with a group representing pharmaceutical companies that creates a cooperative effort to help identify PED (performance enhancement drugs) users. The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations will be offering information to WADA regarding substances that are known to... Read more »