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MLB: Huge Loophole in Major League Baseball HGH Testing Agreement

It appears I spoke a little premature when I mentioned in my piece, MLB Beats NFL in Holding Athletes Accountable for HGH Use, that major league baseball was taking a giant step forward in their approach to testing players for HGH and demonstrating to the NFL how to get the job done. Based on the... Read more »

NFL: WADA Pulls No Punches in Addressing NFLPA and its Failure to Implement HGH Testing

In two November articles (Rep. Waxman Calls Into Question NFL Union “Delay” Tactics Regarding HGH Testing and MLB Beats NFL in Holding Athletes Accountable for HGH Use) I discuss the NFLPA’s failure to actually implement the needed HGH testing they had agreed to in the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) they signed this fall. It is... Read more »

Major League Baseball: MLB Beats NFL in Holding Athletes Accountable for HGH Use

The MLB is about to take a giant step forward with the new proposed contract between players and owners as they come to agreement on HGH testing. That’s the report out of the New York Times in Michael Schmidt’s piece, New Contract Will Enable Baseball to Test for H.G.H. As far as I’m concerned, this... Read more »

NFL And HGH: California Representative Henry Waxman Calls Into Question NFL Union “Delay” Tactics Regarding HGH Testing

What a shocker!!! Even with an agreement between the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and the NFL to test for HGH, nothing has moved forward. No testing. And Rep. Henry Waxman knows exactly where the problem lies. In his ESPN piece, NFL delay over HGH tests: Unacceptable, Waxman runs down the history behind the “how” and... Read more »

Stem Cells Plus HGH Could Change Sports Landscape Forever

Follow @KirkMango If you go to the ChicagoNow homepage  and type Steroids, Performance-Enhancement in their search box, you will find (based on what pops up) that I spend a good deal of time reflecting, writing, and offering my thoughts on the use of illegal performance-enhancement as a means to succeed in sports. In addition, perusing... Read more »

Skeptics Proven Wrong by Australian Study: HGH Does Enhance Sports Performance

Well it’s official. CBC Sports of Canada reports on research that HGH does help: Australian study that proves HGH (Human Growth Hormone) does enhance an athlete’s performance in sports. Yep, that was a big surprise, right? Bet you had no clue that was coming! What I find most interesting is that there were actually individuals,... Read more »

WARNING: All Baseball Cheaters Using HGH - Your Time Has Come!!!

Great news coming from the U.S. edition of Reuters.com (the latest news from around the world) for all honest, ethical, hard working, intrinsically-driven major league ball players – an improved new test for human growth hormone (HGH) is just around the corner. The article on Reuters, Improved doping test for growth hormone on its way,... Read more »