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High School Sports: Minnesota High School Denies Junior High Athletes Access to High School Varsity Sports

Wow!!! Did not even know there was a state that allowed 7th graders to participate in high school on their varsity teams. Take a look at the video in the following link: Parents File Complaints To Get Young Athletes On Varsity Teams Not sure where to start here. I suppose I should mention (for those... Read more »

Sports: Part II – “It Is What It Is” vs “It Is What You Make It” Thought Processes in Relation to Athletic Success

In Part I we discussed the advantages of using an “it is what it is” type of thought process with aspects of which an athlete truly has  no control. We also laid the groundwork for why that same thought process can be  a deterrent to an athlete’s ability to overcome obstacles when overused or used... Read more »

High School: Common Sense Prevails Over Absoluteness in School Sports Age Limit Rule

I would be the first in line to support the need for solid structure in sports and youth sports, specifically rules and expectations all must follow. It is the nature of athletics to be governed by some set of standards or guidelines. It is what keeps competition equitable, fair, and well…competitive. However, and something I... Read more »

High School: A Definition of True Success That Builds From the Inside Out

Back in December of 2009, after a conversation I had with one of my kids, I was contemplating the idea of what true or real success is. A definition, so to speak, that would help give clarification to the term. I mean everyone has their own personal definition of what success is to them, right? However, in today’s... Read more »

Guilt by Association in High School Athletic Codes Must Include Common Sense

As is the case at times, a legitimate circumstance or situation arises, placing into question a “rule” or expectation a school has for its students―in this case, student athletes. This circumstance can cause a shift in the thought process of the governing committee who oversees this rule. That shift can be so drastic that decisions... Read more »

High School Sports: Two Foundational Traits That Support Athletic Goal Achievement

When asked what aspects are necessary in order to achieve difficult athletic goals, many athletes will answer with things like “discipline,” “commitment,” “working hard,” “dedication,” even “perseverance.” And there is no debate that these pieces are certainly necessary components to have if athletes want to be very good, or successful. However, there are a couple... Read more »

NCAA: President Mark Emmert Wants to Move College Sports in a Better Direction

Wow, what a year in college sports. Talk about epitomizing the “bad” behavior that college sports can bring to the table; 2011 was a banner year. As referenced at CNN, we had the memorabilia trading scandal under Jim Tressel at Ohio State, continued fallout over USC’s Reggie Bush receiving money and gifts during his college... Read more »

Sports Parenting: Sports Parent Janis Meredith Teaches “Giving” Through Sports

It is not that often I find positive articles in the media or on the internet about sports and youth sports topics. There are far too many  occasions where some pro, elite level athlete, or coach makes a poor “character” choice getting their name, and story, plastered all over every media outlet you can find.... Read more »

Sexual Abuse Scandals, Drug Involvement, (HGH) PED Testing, Unethical, Illegal, Unsportsmanlike Behavior: It’s Time to Put an Independent in Charge!!!

It’s not too often I come across a piece, an article, that brings to notion a new idea, or in this case an old idea anew, that actually  makes some sense. Rarely a month, or week, goes by without some terrible sports scandal being plastered all over the news. The recent Penn State, Paterno, Sandusky... Read more »

ESPN’s Radio Show “Hey Coach Tony,” with host Tony Fiorino, Discusses Title IX After Boy Breaks Girls’ Swim Record

On Tuesday, December 6th, I opened my email to find a note from ESPN radio show host Tony Fiorino (Hey Coach Tony) stating the following: “We all know that Title IX was originally created to allow for some equality between male and female athletes and the opportunities afforded to them.  However, recent events, like a... Read more »