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Father’s Facebook Rant Causes Son’s Drop from Arizona Youth Football Team

It happens so often – an overzealous parent wreaking havoc on their son’s or daughter’s sports experience – that most of us expect to see it sooner rather than later. Not only are spectators privy to uncomfortable scenes played out by parents right before their eyes, “crazy” sports parenting is a consistent topic in many... Read more »

Sports: Most Inspirational Sports Stories of 2012, It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than These

It’s been an interesting year (2012) of “bad” behavior when it comes to sports and scandals as several high profile cases took precedence, garnering strong media attention. The Sandusky, Penn State disgrace and tragedy certainly topped the headlines for quite a while, as did the Lance Armstrong scandal with all that that encompassed. Seems there... Read more »

Youth Sports: Thoughts on Nine-Year-Old Girl Football Sensation

This past week a video of a nine-year-old girl playing boys youth football hit the internet, and media, on a fairly large scale. To say I was impressed with this young ladies athletic abilities as I watched her slash through openings, sprint by would-be tacklers (even those who had an angle on her), make corners,... Read more »

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Right Tackle Eric Winston Puts Fans in Their Place!!!

All I can say is…IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! What I mean is that it’s about time athletes started standing up for the “right thing” by voicing criticism toward those who have no clue on what the right thing is. That is my take on Eric Winston’s comments regarding the cheering by Chiefs fans after Kansas City quarterback,... Read more »

Sports Inspiration: Never Give Up, Never Give In Attitude of Chad Jones Keeps NFL Dream Alive

Most all of us, in one way or the other, face some type of adversity during our lives. Circumstances that force us to find out just what we are made of, who we really are on the inside. They are “life lesson” type situations that teach us…well, about life. However, sometimes, for some, these hardships…difficulties,... Read more »

High School Football: Inspiration Takes Many Forms, But This One…Better Bring Kleenex!!!

I am so lucky to work with colleagues that understand the inspirational side of sports. You know, the intrinsic piece that helps to push athletes to the edge of their capabilities…and sometimes beyond. Yesterday, toward the end of the school day, a colleague of mine (Tony Nevrly, someone I respect and would call a good... Read more »

Penn State: NCAA Hammers Penn State for Cover Up of Sandusky’s Horrendous Sexual Abuses

The NCAA made no mistake in making it crystal clear they will not tolerate the hiding of atrocious acts like the ones Sandusky perpetrated on his young victims. It appears that due to Penn State higher-ups (including former coach Joe Paterno, former university president Graham Spanier… and other Penn State officials) having knowledge of Sandusky’s... Read more »

High School Sports: WARNING – High School AthletesTake Note of What You Consume!!!

In my younger days as an athlete, I could walk into any store and purchase just about anything to eat or drink without concern. Even if I was looking to improve my diet (make it more nutritionally sound), it was unlikely I would have to concern myself too much with what the actual ingredients were.... Read more »

High School Sports: One-Handed Athlete Knows No Bounds

It’s kind of funny how some parents know their children so well; even as their kids age, become fathers themselves and are not considered kids anymore, except by their own parents. These clued-in parents just seem to get it. They understand what interests, motivates and inspires their offspring, and they know why. My father represents... Read more »

Make No Mistake, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Not Playing Around―Saints Penalized Harshly

So how many of you saw the movie “Thor” last year? Remember that enormous mallet Thor carried around with him devastating anything and anyone he swung at. Well, it appears NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has one of those babies, and it looks like he is not  afraid to use it. He swung that sucker down... Read more »