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You Get What You Reward

In my second year as the Boys’ Basketball Coach at Fairmont Prep Academy we are in the process of trying to establish a particular kind of culture and were having some trouble getting certain players to commit to things we felt were important. Some of this was the players not understanding yet, some was parental... Read more »

High School: Alton High School Takes a Bite Out of Athletes Manipulating Athletic Code

It’s nice to see a high school take the initiative to address the issue of athletes manipulating the consequence after violating their athletic code. That’s the story at TheTelegraph.com in their piece, School Board changes rules for student-athletes. Athletic Codes are something you should certainly be familiar with if you frequent my blog as I... Read more »

Spectator Takes Page Out of Mike Tyson Playbook, Bites Ear Off of 6th Grade Basketball Coach

I have certainly come across some pretty irrational and unscrupulous behavior when researching material that supports the need for positive change in our current sports and youth sports culture. Whether it be from parents behaving badly, athletes engaging in unsportsmanlike, unethical, and/or even illegal conduct (at all levels), or coaches being involved in some type... Read more »

Saints Bounty on NFL Players Creates Quite a Stir: Suspensions, Fines, Loss of Draft Picks Possible

The Center for Ethical Youth Coaching (CEYC) is very much up in arms over the recent purported “bounty” [reward] system for injuring opponents, associated with some of the New Orleans Saints players and coach Gregg Williams. A PRWeb.com article (The Center for Ethical Youth Coaching Calls for Ban on NFL Coaches Who Set Bounties for... Read more »

Steroids: Thoughts on Ryan Braun’s Suspension Being Overturned

As I read through the multitude of reports on Ryan Braun’s positive test for PED’s, and the recent overturning of his suspension, I seem to come away with more questions than answers, the most important being: What is the truth? With all the talk of due process in this case, of the technicality that led... Read more »

NCAA: President Mark Emmert Wants to Move College Sports in a Better Direction

Wow, what a year in college sports. Talk about epitomizing the “bad” behavior that college sports can bring to the table; 2011 was a banner year. As referenced at CNN, we had the memorabilia trading scandal under Jim Tressel at Ohio State, continued fallout over USC’s Reggie Bush receiving money and gifts during his college... Read more »

MMA’s Rosi Sexton Tells it Like it is in MMA Regarding Steroids and PED’s

“When I saw the news on twitter last night [‘Cyborg’ Santos positive drug test], I felt a little like a ten year old whose parents have just admitted that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. A tiny bit disappointed, but mostly relieved that now we can all stop pretending.” Man, I like this girl. Similar to the... Read more »

Penn State scandal: Football Coach Joe Paterno Made Fatal Error In Judgment

Choices, and the results of those choices, are what make up a life. The good ones, they can bring happiness and fulfillment. The bad ones, well…they not only carry the possibility of diminishing the quality of your life, even destroying it depending on the choice, but they can follow you forever. And if you are... Read more »

Football: The “Post-Game Handshake,” A Demonstration of Sportsmanship or Worthless Gesture

A recent email from Tony Fiorino (host of ESPN’s radio show Hey Coach Tony), regarding an upcoming show of his (Amazing Sportsmanship and the Post-Game Handshake), definitely sparked my interest. So on Saturday, October 22nd, the morning the show was to air, I made myself a sports shake and sat down at my computer to... Read more »

The Sports Network Point on BYU and Brandon Davies Reinstatement Right on Point

In an era where people believe that paying college athletes, beyond their scholarship, will help alleviate the character flaws and downright illegal, unethical, and entitlement type behavior seen by too many elite level college athletes, coaches, and programs, we have the story of Brandon Davies and BYU. For those that don’t recall, Brandon Davies was... Read more »