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Chicago Bears: It’s Official - NFL Wide Reciever Sam Hurd Cut by Bears

Man, this is going to be a tough one for many to swallow. A professional athlete, one of the privileged few, who this past summer signed a multi-million dollar deal to play for the Chicago Bears, gets arrested for attempting to purchase (for distribution) large amounts of cocaine and marijuana (5-10 kilos of coke/1,000 lbs... Read more »

Opinion Poll: Should High School Athletes be Tested for Recreational Drug Use?

In continuation of the idea and concepts presented in my last piece, Recreational Drug Testing of High School Athletes, Yes or No?, I would like to give others the opportunity to weigh in on the subject. Take a stand using the following poll and feel free to support that stand with a comment or two... Read more »

Big Steroid (PED) Drug Bust In Ohio, Dealers Targeted High School Athletes

So you think all this talk of steroids and illegal performance-enhancing drug use is something isolated to the elite and professional ranks of athletes. That the chances are ever so slim high school athletes would have the opportunity, or means, to buy such substances. Or even that dealers, because of this limited means, would waste... Read more »

Recreational Drug Testing of High School Athletes, Yes or No?

To clarify, this “recreational drug testing” I refer to in my title goes well beyond the illegal performance-enhancing drugs I normally discuss. It would include ALL substances that a good number of teens today use to get high; alcohol, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy, prescription and nonprescription drugs, and/or anything else that kids are “using” and... Read more »

Opinion Poll: Illegal Performance-Enhancement and “Life Time” Ban

In my last piece, Life Time Ban For Steroid/PED Use:  Yes or No?, I raised several questions regarding a life time ban from Olympic competition for proven illegal performance-enhancement, along with its philosophical ramifications at the professional, college, and even high school levels. Now it’s your turn to weigh in. poll by twiigs.com poll by... Read more »

Kudos to B.J. Penn On His Stance On Steroids

Follow @KirkMango Finally, there is someone in MMA who stands behind a belief system that has character and integrity centered at its core. Personally, as an individual with family in the MMA game, and one dead set against illegal performance-enhancement in sports, it was encouraging to hear where B.J. Penn stands on this issue. In... Read more »

Change in Athletic Code Gives High School Officials Autonomy

In a recent article in The Huntsville Item, Athletes target of changes to HISD code of conduct, Meagan Ellsworth highlights the recent change in the Huntsville High School (TX) student athletic code. A change that now gives authority to school officials to consequence student athletes for breaking their athletic code of conduct “even if they had... Read more »

World Record Long Jumper Mike Powell Calls For Life Long Ban On Dopers

It’s nice to see world class athletes getting into the act when it comes to PED’s and other performance-enhancement substances. At least that is what came out of the Washington Post PostSports section where they published the article Long jump great Mike Powell asks for life ban on doping offenders by the Associated Press. In... Read more »

Star High School Athlete Tells Survival Story, Inspires All

Follow @KirkMango Former three-sport varsity high school and college scholarship athlete Dan Duval, voted most popular, most likely to be remembered, and best athlete by his high school classmates, knows the consequences of making poor choices–no doubt about that. According to George Morse’s article, Survivor details dangers of drugs and alcohol (EastBayRI.com), Dan headed down... Read more »

Sports, Drugs, Alcohol, Athletic Codes and High School: Some Just Don't Get It!!!

A recent article in the Examiner (examiner.net), titled ‘Just Say Know’ takes an unexpected turn, was originally expected to be a series focusing on “the pressures your child faces to use drugs and alcohol and how those pressures relate to their roles as athletes.” An interesting play on words, this title, as the inference “Just... Read more »