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Father Unaware of Alcohol Still Arrested on 44 Counts After High School Students Caught Drinking at Party

According to an Associated Press article in The Washington Times, and a segment on TODAY at MSNBC.com (video below), parents of a high school athlete thought it better to have the celebratory football “party” at their house. A place where they could have control over setting the ground rules for such an event, which included... Read more »

Opinion Poll: Should High School Athletes be Tested for Recreational Drug Use?

In continuation of the idea and concepts presented in my last piece, Recreational Drug Testing of High School Athletes, Yes or No?, I would like to give others the opportunity to weigh in on the subject. Take a stand using the following poll and feel free to support that stand with a comment or two... Read more »

Recreational Drug Testing of High School Athletes, Yes or No?

To clarify, this “recreational drug testing” I refer to in my title goes well beyond the illegal performance-enhancing drugs I normally discuss. It would include ALL substances that a good number of teens today use to get high; alcohol, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy, prescription and nonprescription drugs, and/or anything else that kids are “using” and... Read more »

Geneva H.S. (Illinois) Suspension of Football Players for Alcohol Use Seems Confusing

Actually, it is not the suspension of the players that is confusing, since they were charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor by Geneva police, but a specific statement in The Beacon News piece, Geneva players suspended for drinking, that is perplexing to me. In that piece it states: According to Geneva athletic director... Read more »

Opinion Poll: Illegal Performance-Enhancement and “Life Time” Ban

In my last piece, Life Time Ban For Steroid/PED Use:  Yes or No?, I raised several questions regarding a life time ban from Olympic competition for proven illegal performance-enhancement, along with its philosophical ramifications at the professional, college, and even high school levels. Now it’s your turn to weigh in. poll by twiigs.com poll by... Read more »

High School: Alcohol And Athletes Don’t Mix

You would be hard pressed to find high school athletes today, or from yesteryear for that matter, that have not partaken in a little “binge” drinking now and then. Actually, it is probably a misnomer to use the words “a little” and “now and then” in that last sentence, as on just about any weekend... Read more »

Change in Athletic Code Gives High School Officials Autonomy

In a recent article in The Huntsville Item, Athletes target of changes to HISD code of conduct, Meagan Ellsworth highlights the recent change in the Huntsville High School (TX) student athletic code. A change that now gives authority to school officials to consequence student athletes for breaking their athletic code of conduct “even if they had... Read more »

High School Sports: Athletes And Alcohol In The News...AGAIN!!!

Photographs, originally on Facebook, of 11 athletes in possession of alcohol and/or tobacco were recently turned over to Melrose High School (Melrose, MA) administration as reported by myFOXBOSTON.com. According to information currently available, suspensions of these athletes could reach 60% of their athletic season, along with other possible consequences. Here is the news story direct... Read more »

Burroughs High School Baseball Coach Gives Beer To Student Athletes Ending Their Season

With the number of years I have taught and coached (30+ years teaching and 17 coaching), with many as a head coach, it never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of some people, especially those who should know better. Such a case of imbecilic behavior, downright ignorance really, took place recently at Burroughs High School... Read more »

High School Athletes And Alcohol In The News Again: How To Make A Difference

 Seven WHS athletes suspended (No Video, Click Above Link)  Eight Seekonk student athletes suspended   These two stories above could have come from anywhere in the U.S., from any town or community, any high school, and on any given weekend. Next week the story could read “Four Student Athletes from ___________ High School in _________... Read more »