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Sports Doping: Everyone Was Doping so Lance Armstrong is Still a Champion…Ah, not really

I will not elaborate too much in this post on my thoughts about Lance Armstrong as a champion (let alone a True Champion) or even a great athlete, other than to say that I cannot…no, will not, put the terms “great athlete” and any athlete, no matter what sport, who “cheats,” in the same sentence... Read more »

Doping: The Fallacy Behind “A Policy Allowing Open and Regulated” PED Use in Cycling as a Solution

It is with some dismay that I discovered a piece in The Sydney Morning Herald (an Australian publication) titled Why punishing cyclists over drugs is dopey by Craig Fry. As I read through the piece, what bothered me most is that (without deeper, more global thought) readers will likely come away believing the article’s main... Read more »

Cycling & Lance Armstrong: USADA Releases Evidence of Armstrong’s Misdeeds…Still Many Skeptics

As I pore over the multitude of articles in the media, along with taking a look at the released USADA report (tabbed pdf link) on their evidence against Armstrong (which is extensively powerful in my mind), I can’t help but notice the continued support for Lance in the comment sections within many of these media pieces. Most... Read more »

Major League Baseball: Jose Canseco Says “Steroids Don’t Make You a Super Athlete” Using Brother as Proof

No matter where I look, this steroid controversy keeps popping up. Most recently is the Lance Armstrong thing and my highlight on some strong evidence against Lance’s claims of innocence. Now there is this Jose Canseco claim where he points out that steroids did not help his identical twin brother become a superstar athlete, thus,... Read more »

RideClean Sponsored Cycling Team Registers With United States Cycling: Challenging The Status Quo!!!

According to CyclingNews.com, Team RideClean is looking to demonstrate that elite level athletes can compete at higher levels without the use of performance-enhancing drugs. This is a national organization that is looking to “clean up” sports competitions and send a clear message to athletes that there is a better way to compete. In the piece at... Read more »

Government Moves To Investigate Lance Armstrong, Subpoenas Documents

I have been debating for a while now whether the accusations leveled against seven-time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong are based on fact or a figment created by jealous competitors. Personally, I am not sure what Floyd Landis, or others, would gain by making fabricated allegations; that is unless you consider the possibility of... Read more »