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Sports: Regardless of the Sport, Athletes are Much More Alike Than They are Different – Part III

Continuing our discussion from Part II (Wednesday), make no mistake, the last three categories that encompass the commonalities between all athletes when striving to succeed is every bit as important as the first three. Next up…the CDSPH Principle. CDSPH Principle: An acronym created for Becoming a True Champion, the CDSPH Principle (Commitment, Discipline, Sacrifice, Priorities,... Read more »

Sports: Regardless of the Sport, Athletes are Much More Alike Than They are Different – Part II

Well…the answer to the question posed at the end of Part I of this post (what are those relative aspects, qualities, ALL athletes/teams need in order to reach their potential and become the very best that they can be?) is certainly quite long. That is, at least, if I were to elaborate on all points... Read more »

Coaching: Sports Psychologist Dr. Alan Goldberg Knows What Makes a Good Coach

A good friend (colleague of mine) and basketball coach at my school, Kris Olson, sent me a nice commentary on “coaching” forwarded to him (and the coaching staff) by our athletic director Randy Konstans. Needless to say, I found the article very appealing and important enough to highlight here, at The Athlete’s Sports Experience. The... Read more »

Sports: Part II – “It Is What It Is” vs “It Is What You Make It” Thought Processes in Relation to Athletic Success

In Part I we discussed the advantages of using an “it is what it is” type of thought process with aspects of which an athlete truly has  no control. We also laid the groundwork for why that same thought process can be  a deterrent to an athlete’s ability to overcome obstacles when overused or used... Read more »

Sports: Part I – “It Is What It Is” vs “It Is What You Make It” Thought Processes in Relation to Athletic Success

Over the years, I have heard the statement “it is what it is” being used more and more often. In sports the phrase is commonly used as justification for situations where an athlete might feel little control over a circumstance they are faced with or that affects them. Say you want to be a starter... Read more »

High School: The Good, Better and Best vs. a Master Coach

With summer fast approaching (and summer practices right around the corner) I thought it a good idea to repost what I believe to be important differences between coaches and master coaches, and all that lies between. (Original post – September, 2012.)   A coach is a teacher working toward giving their athletes a good understanding of... Read more »

High School Sports: Two Foundational Traits That Support Athletic Goal Achievement

When asked what aspects are necessary in order to achieve difficult athletic goals, many athletes will answer with things like “discipline,” “commitment,” “working hard,” “dedication,” even “perseverance.” And there is no debate that these pieces are certainly necessary components to have if athletes want to be very good, or successful. However, there are a couple... Read more »

High School: Nine Attributes Necessary For Athletic Greatness, Plus One, Makes Ten

That first half of the title above, Nine Attributes Necessary For Athletic Greatness (Part I, Part II), comes from a two-part piece I did last summer for Weplay Moms. Its purpose was to help identify some of the important characteristics athletes need in order to reach some level of athletic excellence, or championship form. I... Read more »

“Becoming a True Champion” Forthcoming Book Cover Preview, Rowman & Littlefield (2012)

What has it been now? Seven, maybe eight years since I made that semi-life altering decision, that final leap into putting down on paper what I saw as helpful, developmental measures to a sports and youth sports culture gone off track. More specifically, a motivational teaching tool that just might help with what I felt... Read more »

High School Sports: Preventing the Mid-Season Doldrums

Ever notice how excited athletes are at the start of a season, and then how that excitement tends to wane as their season hits mid-stride? How efforts become more robotic and less intense, diminishing what athletes get out of their practices and ultimately their potential? If this is something you are familiar with, then the... Read more »