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Loophole In High School Athletic Code Sends Wrong Message!!!

Nazareth Area School Board to consider revisions to code of conduct, published at lehighvalleylive.com, details what can happen when consequences for athletic code violations are not fully thought through. Two wrestlers at Nazareth Area High School (Nazareth, PA) were charged with “possession with intent to distribute marijuana” last summer and were to be suspended from... Read more »

Lakewood High School Brings New Code For 2010 Raising Expectations & Encouraging Excellence

According to an article on HeraldNet.com, New code elevates attitudes at Lakewood, Lakewood High School (in Lakewood, Washington) has adopted a new approach to sports participation at the school – and this new approach has made a difference. A group of proactive Lakewood coaches, along with their athletic director, met to revamp sports programs from... Read more »

Another High School Athletic Program Toughens Code Surrounding Athletes, Alcohol & Drugs

It appears my two articles, Current High School Athletic Codes: Are You Aware They Have Changed? and Teens, Athletes, Parents, and Drinking: What’s a Parent To Do?, have come to life in Connecticut where theday.com local news reports on similar issues in their piece, Stonington proposal tightens athlete alcohol, drug policy. Stonington High School is... Read more »

Chicago Area Suburbs Not Alone: Milford School Committee Changes Athletic Code

Supporting the information discussed in my article Current High School Athletic Codes: Are You Aware They Have Changed?, Milford High School (Massachusetts) has adjusted their athletic code policy to include consequences for athletes who attend social gatherings where alcohol is present, whether they are consuming or not. Chairman Paul Mazzuchelli stated, “We feel those individuals... Read more »

Current High School Athletic Codes: Are You Aware They Have Changed?

I am not sure about all of you, but back in my high school athletic days, I remember our athletic code focusing on a few basic points. You know, passing a certain number of classes, not smoking, drinking, and/or using drugs, showing good sportsmanship, etc. Basically, not engaging in behavior that was unbecoming an athlete... Read more »