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There is a really popular series of commercials promoting some of the best features of the AT&T Cellular Network where a man is sitting in an elementary school library asking young children if it is better to be Bigger or Smaller? Fast or Slow? More or Less?  Better or Worse? Out of the mouths of... Read more »

Sports: Unsportsmanlike Conduct by an Adult (Coach) at its Finest!!!

With over two million plus views on YouTube, the recent video of a hockey coach tripping an opponent (two actually) during the handshake line at the end of the game has certainly gone viral. Take a look: He was subsequently arrested after parents called police. According to this report at CTV News in British Columbia... Read more »

High School: Is Technology to Blame for Students’ Diminished Capacity to LISTEN, COMMUNICATE, and ABSORB!!!

Every once in a while I like to take a break from my normal sports highlights, rants, and teachings in order to cover something a little bit off my usual track. Usually, the inspiration for these off the beat writings comes from something I have read or recently observed, and this time is no different.... Read more »

High School Sports: Four Must Have, Less Discussed Coaching Practices To Add To Your Coaching Playbook

Ever ask yourself why some coaches just seem to have a knack for developing talent to a greater degree than others? How some are able to garner so much respect from their athletes, that those athletes will do just about anything to reach team and individual goals? Or why a select few coaches are able... Read more »

Penn State scandal: Football Coach Joe Paterno Made Fatal Error In Judgment

Choices, and the results of those choices, are what make up a life. The good ones, they can bring happiness and fulfillment. The bad ones, well…they not only carry the possibility of diminishing the quality of your life, even destroying it depending on the choice, but they can follow you forever. And if you are... Read more »

Benefits of Competitive Sports Not Always Clear-cut, “The Intangibles”

Skill improvement, teamwork, work ethic, exercise; all aspects that come to mind when one is asked what benefits young athletes gain from a healthy experience in competitive sports. Other common thoughts (especially from coaches) include the learning experience gained from the sense of commitment one must have to accomplish team goals, and the determination, perseverance,... Read more »

Change in Athletic Code Gives High School Officials Autonomy

In a recent article in The Huntsville Item, Athletes target of changes to HISD code of conduct, Meagan Ellsworth highlights the recent change in the Huntsville High School (TX) student athletic code. A change that now gives authority to school officials to consequence student athletes for breaking their athletic code of conduct “even if they had... Read more »

Chicagonow Moving To WordPress Format, "The Athlete's Sports Experience" Follows Suite

On June 30th, The Athlete’s Sports Experience will be moving to a WordPress blog format, along with the entire Chicagonow blog network. This process will stop notification emails from being delivered so please take a moment to bookmark The Athlete’s Sports Experience and add it as an RSS feed.   And remember, the format might... Read more »

Former New York Mets Manager Stresses Building Mind & Heart

Joe Davidson recently published a wonderfully titled piece, Hometown Report: Jerry Manuel says build character _ winning will come, in The Sacramento Bee regarding former NY Mets manager Jerry Manuel. Normally, I am not one to get to excited about managers of major league baseball teams; however, that part of the title, Jerry Manuel says... Read more »

ESPN Radio: "Hey Coach Tony" Discusses Differences In Mom's & Dad's Vision Of The Youth Sports Equation

ESPN radio host Tony Fiorino is offering a Mother’s day gift for all those moms, and women coaches, interested in expressing their feelings regarding their experiences as a youth sports parent and/or coach. Whether these experiences have all been positive or not–running the gamut from one end of the spectrum to the other, he wants... Read more »