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Part II: Sports Specializations - Sports Podiatrist Dr. Robert A. Weil Has The Right Approach

For me, it is an interesting question, this idea of whether proper training would help decrease the rate and risk of injury even though one is specializing in a sport. One of the main reasons (keeping the injury piece in mind) it is suggested that young athletes engage in a variety of sports and activities... Read more »

Part I: Sports Specialization - Looking At It From A Different Angle

There has been a lot of talk lately about the negative effects of early sports specialization; and rightfully so. Articles from established, well-respected sources abound, citing increase in overuse injuries, early sports burnout, and an increase of more severe injuries (torn ACL’s of the knee and UCL’s in the elbow) never seen at such early... Read more »

Washington Post Hits On Youth Soccer Trend To Play Club (Academy) Over High School

Follow @KirkMango   A recent article in the Washington Post (U.S. youth soccer: Is it best to play in high school, or on an academy team?) does a nice job of demonstrating the current dilemma in youth soccer as elite level clubs (soccer academies) put pressure on their high-school-age players to commit exclusively to their... Read more »

High School Sports: High School & Private Coaches At Odds

Twenty or thirty years ago, the high school coach (in almost every sport) was the main, and sometimes only, source for technical sports training available to the high school athlete. And most of the “coaching” was done during the season with some offseason training (for some sports), all handled by the coaching staff of the... Read more »

Government Regulation of Youth Sports: Is it Time???

A recent article at wdtn.com Channel 2, Ohio considers regulating youth sports, reported that the state of Ohio, and its athletic officials, believe it’s time for the regulation of outside school youth sports. Their thoughts center on youth sports having grown into a “monster,” a “$5 billion… industry” (The Columbus Dispatch), bringing with it issues... Read more »