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A Story of Unimaginable Adversity…Dying Girl Lauren Hill Lives Her Dream

Every once in a while I come across a story that is so moving, so incredibly heartbreaking, and heartwarming, all at the same time, it leaves one speechless. The tale of Lauren Hill is just such a story. So touching….there are few words that would accurately or completely put into perspective the emotional turmoil one... Read more »

You Get What You Reward

In my second year as the Boys’ Basketball Coach at Fairmont Prep Academy we are in the process of trying to establish a particular kind of culture and were having some trouble getting certain players to commit to things we felt were important. Some of this was the players not understanding yet, some was parental... Read more »

You Get What You Emphasize. Or Do You?

Anytime you enter into a new leadership position, whether it is in business, for an organization, or as a head coach at a different school, the first and primary task at hand is to begin to establish the kind of culture you are looking for. Jim Thompson, founder and Executive Director of Positive Coaching Alliance... Read more »


I love using that as an acronym that stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. Easy to say, looks good on a locker room wall, but hard to achieve. It has to start with breeding togetherness that builds the trust we previously discussed. At a Positive Coaching Alliance event titled “Insights from Experts” Westmont University Head... Read more »

Ohio State Deshaun Thomas Demonstrates Character of a True Champion

In a recent interview on WGN in late March, I was asked by Middday News Anchor Steve Sanders what the difference was between a champion and what I have titled a true champion. My response centered on the idea that a true champion has a very strong focus on the process piece of becoming very... Read more »

Louisville Basketball Faces Adverse Circumstance, Comes Out Shining

Let me start by stating that I am no expert on basketball. Sure, I can tell you when a team is pressing or when a player may be stronger on their right side when compared to their left…but that is about the extent of it. I wouldn’t know the difference between a motion offense, zone... Read more »

Sports: Most Inspirational Sports Stories of 2012, It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than These

It’s been an interesting year (2012) of “bad” behavior when it comes to sports and scandals as several high profile cases took precedence, garnering strong media attention. The Sandusky, Penn State disgrace and tragedy certainly topped the headlines for quite a while, as did the Lance Armstrong scandal with all that that encompassed. Seems there... Read more »

Sports: Should Changing One’s Sex Allow Them to Compete in Sports in Their New Gender?

The world is not a simple place. It never really was, even though many may contend that earlier times were much less complicated. (In reality, difficult issues likely just got, well…buried, or semi-forgotten.) However, technology, science, openness and acceptance to one’s individuality have all sped up the pace. We are moving at warp speed into... Read more »

Spectator Takes Page Out of Mike Tyson Playbook, Bites Ear Off of 6th Grade Basketball Coach

I have certainly come across some pretty irrational and unscrupulous behavior when researching material that supports the need for positive change in our current sports and youth sports culture. Whether it be from parents behaving badly, athletes engaging in unsportsmanlike, unethical, and/or even illegal conduct (at all levels), or coaches being involved in some type... Read more »

Recent Trend at UCLA Basketball Represents What Happens When “Winning” Becomes The Only Goal

After reading the recent article in Sports Illustrated, Special Report: Not the UCLA Way (at sportsillustrated.cnn.com), along with comments from UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and Athletic Director Dan Guerrero in the UCLA Newsroom (here), I come away with even more conviction in the foundational importance that solid character brings to the competitive table. It seems... Read more »